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Prithvi, A Mesmerizing Café

Prithvi Café; The place where all the creativity of Mumbai comes together in all its diversity and creates a beautiful environment that cannot be missed. Prithvi Café is situated in Prithvi Theatre which was established in the year 1942 by Prithviraj Kapoor and in the loving memory of his father, Shashi Kapoor built the theatre which was his father’s dream. Prithvi Theatre continues to flourish, providing a home for new talent and source of inspiration to the theatre fraternity and audience with over 540 shows a year, Tuesday through Sunday. But the café is functional on all days.

As you enter the place, the café is on the right, theatre straight ahead and a bookstore further inside. All theatre artists can be seen walking around or sitting at the café right before a show starts. It’s that place where something or the other is happening all the time. This place never seems to sleep.

The café in itself is mesmerizing. Be it the tall trees, the light bulbs hanging from the roof, the seating area, the expansive menu, the fast moving servers, and the audience waiting in anticipation for the show to begin. You’ll find an old man playing his flute under a tree, while another man will be sketching on his canvass. A lot of people would be sitting in a corner, reading books while enjoying coffee and of course some people just talking away.

The menu is a delight. So many options to choose from and all equally delicious. Everything on the menu is recommended; from the pizzas to the paranthas to the biryani and the rolls. Their shakes and coffees are pretty good too. What you shouldn’t miss are their waffles. One of the best waffles that you’ll get in Mumbai.

Their service is a bit of a miss. Only because it’s always full. A lot of times, people choose to share tables or sit under the tree just to be able to be there. It’s very difficult to find a table and they don’t take reservations. The staff is very understanding and courteous but for the kind of place it is, it’s too short staffed. The servers won’t come to take your order, even if they do, the order will take forever to come. But the wait will be worth it. Not only because the food is great, but because while you wait for the order, you’ll enjoy the feeling of this place which cannot be compared to anything else.

So if you still haven’t tried it out, I suggest you head their soon and if you’re a theatre enthusiast, you might want to look at their scheduled plays and book your tickets because it’s that stage where for every artist it’s an honour to perform. Many television and Bollywood celebrities also perform. And while you’re there, you can even check out the bookstore.

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