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Manjhi: The Mountain Man

Manjhi is all about a man and his determination to achieve the unachievable. Ketan Mehta has come back to the silver screen after a long time and finally has impressed his audience successfully.  Nawazuddin has once again made his mark as Dashrath Manjhi. The movie is mostly dominated by these two men and Radhika Apte has also done the best she could and has actually come up brilliantly as Manjhi’s “Phalgunia”.

The movie is a biopic of  Dashrath Manjhi who is know as ‘ A mountain man’. We would call him the less fortunate Shahjahan as he was an emperor who could afford to build Taj Mahal which took 20 years. Manjhi just had love , hammer and a chisel to bring down the mountain. Born in the time when human life was not valued specially if one was a schedule caste, a time when meeting ends would be the only achievement and the time when infrastructure lacked and there were fewer roads and hospitals. He belongs to Gehlaur, one of the many villages which were deprived of the desired support from the government. In case of Gehlaur, the excuse which the government had was a mighty mountain, hindering the path of success of Gehlaur. It is actually a very miserable story and one will definitely will lack words in praise of Dashrath Manjhi and his dedication. The way he single handedly makes the mountain beg in front of him. It took him 22 years to do so.He died of ball gladder cancer in 2007 in Delhi and was given a state funeral. In 2011 road was finally constructed connections the village. In 2014 Aamir Khan dedicated a episode to Manjhi and promised his son and daughter in law financial aid which was never honoured and in same year his daughter in law died of due to lack of funds. Politicians and film stars have used such people for their own benefit and we hope the providers give some part of the success to his family.

manuThe movie begins with a child marriage in which Dashrath and Phalguni were married (a common practice at that times). They were not allowed to stay together due to some unavoidable circumstances and Dashrath was forced to go to Wazirganj. He comes back after a few years and meets Phalguni on his way back. He falls in love with her on the first sight and so does Phalguni. His comeback was not appreciated by his father in law, who wanted to marry his daughter with someone having a stable life as compared to Dashrath. Dashrath and Phalguni decide to go against him and escape from her parents and eventually they do the same. They both were living a life  full of love and happiness. But the god had some other plans. Phalguni slips down the mountain and loses her life. It happens because the lack of medical eminities which were in Wazirganj and it was 55 kms away from Gehlaur. This was the day when Manjhi decides to bring the might mountain down and make a way through it which was suppose to bring the distance between Gehlaur and Wazirganj to 15 kms from 55 kms.He does it against all odds chanting his motivational phrase “Shandaar, Jabardast, Zindabad”. He overtook all the hurdles starting from the unfair weather,drought, hunger and ending on a lack of support from our governance system.

Watch it for Manjhi’s love for his wife. Watch  it for his determination. Watch it for Nawazuddin’s beyond the world performance. I think this performance will definitely be in consideration of a National Awards, Lets see.


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