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Awadhi Food Festival

Dhoodia kabab

Dilli 32 at Kempinski Ambience Hotel is an Indian specialty restaurant serving its patrons rich and delectable North Indian food. They have been always doing something new in order to please their guests either by bringing new entries in their menu or by hosting various Food Festivals from time to time which has always been appreciated and relished. This time they have come up with the rich and aromatic flavors from the royal Kitchens of Awadh and have entered a new league where their guests can cherish an exclusive menu specially curated for the  “Awadhi Food Festival” which is going to be a ten days feast starting from 21st of August to 30th August .

Awadhi cuisine is basically from the City of Nawabs, Lucknow which is known for its royal preparations. The festival aims to make its guests re-discover gourmet classics  favored by the Nawabs and Maharajas. It promises to provide you a perfect melange of gastronomical delicacies with a plethora of Awadhi flavours.

The menu for the Awadhi food festival is designed to recreate the magic of the flavours from Awadh under the prestigious guidance of ‘Rajkumari Alka Rani Singh’, from Pratapgarh. Her guidance has proved to be a great motivation to the Executive Chef Rohit  Tokhi and Chef de Cuisine, Ashwini Kumar Singh in creating the fabulous menu.

The Ambience of Dilli 32 is very classy having a warm aura for a mesmerizing experience. There is a lot of detailing done in terms of decor of the restaurant to showcase the relation with the cuisine. We can see spices displayed with a classic wooden mortar and pestle placed next to it. There is also a wall dedicated to metal crafted spices.

Coming  to the food, the menu showcases  a very elaborate spread of Avadhi delicacies which are mentioned below:


Our recommendations would be Doodhiya Kebab, which looked like Dahi ke Kebab but were very different. It was actually shallow fried paneer rounds which were stuffed with mango chutney and mashed potatoes with  minimal spices, slightly sweet and very delicious.

Kathal Kastoori Tikka– The barbequed chunks of Kathal (Jack Fruit) marinated with gram flour, ginger and kastoori methi was indeed a delightful preparation, as far as taste is concerned, no one is going to regret having that at all.

Jhinga Sufia, another very unusual and highly delectable prawn preparation was shallow fried having decent fennel flavor infused in it.

Shammi Kebabs, a fabulous and not to be missed at all non veg  round shape patty comprising of mince meat and crushed spices.

Apart from all mentioned above we tried their Chaat Tokri, Tawa Chaap and Murg Potli Kebab too.


It included Rattan Manjusha, Shakahari  Kheechra, Band Gosht (a hand picked delicacy from the streets of Aminabad, Lucknow), Dum ki Raan, Bater Hara Saalan, Murg Musallam, and Murg ki Khaas Nihari. Though all of them were fantastic in their own way but our personal favourites and recommendations would be Shakahari Kheechra which comprised of unique combination of pearl barley, wheat and lentil  whose amalgamation resulted in such a luscious and awesome product which is why it tops my mains list. Next was Dum ki Raan, which was fabulously made, the mutton was nice, tender and succulent. The dish is actually a preparation where the whole leg of lamb is marinated with yoghurt, onion, garlic, chilli, fig and secret spices and then roasted in a pot. Rattan Manjusha was a vegetarian delight which will surely not fail in appealing to any one’s tastebuds. It is made up of spinach balls stuffed with mushrooms and honey which is then cooked in onion and nuts based gravy. Murg Musallam, undoubtedly a superb dish standing high on the list of Awadhi cuisine was again a winner in the mains. It is basically a whole chicken dish stuffed with khoya, mint, nuts and eggs and then roasted to perfection.

The mains were accompanied by aromatic Gucchi Biryani. It is a veg biryani made up of special mushrooms called Gucchi and cooked with rice along with a flavor of saffron and kewra. Chilman Biryani, as the name speaks for itself, Chilman means curtain or cover and the reason why this is called so is because of the unique preparation and presentation of it where the rice and mutton is flavoured with saffron and kewra and then sealed with puff dough and cooked on dum(slow fire cooking) then.

The breads served in the feast included Warqi Parantha, Sheermaal, Khameeri Naan and Ulte Tawa ka Parantha.



This grand feast came to an end on a sweet note with some amazing desserts like Kachhe Aam ki Kheer, a nice amalgamation of raw mango and milk flavoured with saffron and cardamom. Jauji ka Halwa was the second dessert in order of preference which was a nice combination of finely grounded wheat and flavoured with cardamom and saffron. Kismis Aur Gond ke Laddoo was also served along with some herb-infused milk shots which really went well with it.

Finally we bid adieu to the festival in a really royal way by taking Paan Shots as an after meal treat of the Royal meals of Maharajas in Awadh. 
The service and hospitality is impeccable at this place which is sure to win your hearts along with the awesomeness of the cuisine. So don’t miss this lovely Royal AWADHI FOOD FESTIVAL @ Dilli 32.  Come along with your friends and family to savour the flavour which the festival is showering. Highly Recommended!

Meal per head is priced at Rs1732/- plus taxes.

Festival will be from 21st August- 30th August
Timings: 7:00 pm to 11:45 pm

Location: Dilli 32, Kempinski Ambience Hotel, Maharaja Surajmal Road, Near Yamuna Sports Complex, Vivek vihar, New Delhi.

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