Top 5 North Indian Restaurants in Mumbai

Mumbai is a foodie’s paradise offering a plethora of multi-cultural cuisines available throughout the city. Talking of Indian food, one of the first things that come to one’s mind is North Indian food- the juicy and succulent Kebabs, super flavorful and aromatic gravies and amazing Biryanis. Mumbai has some of the best north Indian restaurants offering a range traditional and modern dishes, making every north Indian in the city feel at home. Here listed are 5 of Mumbai’s best places to have some kickass north Indian fare-

Jai Jawan, Bandra

Prawns Masala

Prawns Masala

Situated on the busy Linking Road in Bandra, this small roadside shop sells some of the best Chicken Tikkas and Kebabs in town. Don’t expect any fancy ambience but you would surely be wowed by the sheer aroma of food and the loyalty of the people waiting outside waiting to grab a bite. It is a pick up joint, with people mostly ordering food from their cars. The Kebabs, especially the Tandoori Chicken and the Prawns masala and Prawn fry are must-haves.

Pocket Pinch – Moderate. Around Rs.500 for two

Zaffran, Malad West


A North Indian restaurant quite well known for its great Mughlai food and super classy ambience. The food is delicious and they have an elaborate menu to choose from. Maybe the pricing is bit on the upper side, but it lives up to it. The aroma and the feel of it gets the better of you. Try out their mouthwatering Galauti Kebab and Chicken Biriyani for sure.

Pocket Pinch – High. Around Rs.1800 for two


Pratap The Dhaba, Andheri West

Want to have some spicy and rustic Dhaba food sitting in Mumbai?- Head towards Pratap. The place serves some great North Indian dhaba style food at great rates. The ambience brings out the flavor of the food even more. Their Butter Chicken and Rabdi is to die for. And the best thing is- its damn cheap! If you are in Mumbai, and you want to have the Dhaba experience, this is the perfect place for you.

Pocket Pinch- Value for Money. Around Rs.700-800.

Punjab Grill, Lower Parel


Tandoori Gucchi

This place more about the whole experience you go through from the moment you enter the restaurant, till the very end when you don’t feel like going back home. Great ambience, great service and some amazing North Indian fare. The scintillating flavors and great portion sizes would surely put a smile across your face. Try the Dal Punjab Grill for sure. The Butter Chicken and Kebabs are also highly recommended.

Pocket Pinch- High, but well worth it. Around Rs.2000 for two


Caravan Serai, Bandra

One of the well-known joints in the city for serving some great North Indian food. The ambience is rustic and their cutlery is one of the first things that catch your eye. The service is also quite good. Dal Bukhara and all their Kebabs- especially the Mutton Galouti kebab is recommended. The prices may be bit high, but the food makes up for it.

Pocket Pinch- Around  Rs.1200 for two.


Other Notable mentions
SpiceKlub, Lower Parel
Copper Chimney, Worli.

So, next time you are in Mumbai and you are craving for some North Indian food, you know where to head to! (In addition to all these, Mumbai has many more gems hidden. If you feel like adding some more to the list, feel free to do so in the comment box.)


Special thanks to:, Zomato reviewers- Abhishek Bijlani and Akshayraj Uchil for their photographs


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