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Masabaa, A New Modern Diner in West Delhi

 Punjabi Bagh Club Road area is an upcoming hub for modern eateries. To my observation, almost every other eaing joint serves the same food. The reason being their target clientèle, a set of regular customers have very rigid and particular tastes and choices who do not look forward to innovations in terms of food. With less or no knowledge about the various world cuisines, some of the population end up mixing Mushroom Risotto with Dal Makhni (hilarious example given by chef).  Hence, Masabaa works well in giving out these endless possibilities and serve a fusion of dishes for everyone.


Masabaa is set across two floors. The second floor houses the fine dining area with huge chandeliers and royal decor. While the third floor gives way to the Lounge and Bar area. The Lounge somehow resembled huge bunglows used in the movies during the 1990’s. Extraordinarily huge pieces of art are places around the corners, giving an eerie yet playful environment. Loud thumping music welcomes you, very dim lightings but the red lamps help you locate your seats. The place was almost packed when I entered at 5 pm on a Sunday, that’s a good sign.


Talking about the food, their Indian section is simply delightful! The Lamb Chops or the Chaap Taka-Tak were served along with a chutney. Nicely spiced and cooked to perfection, the meat was tender and melted in my mouth. This has to be tried!
After talking to the chef, I got to know that their Dal Makhani, priced at 350+taxes takes three long days to cook. After about 18 hours of cooking it on the stove, the dal was luscious and creamy. Less on spices and high on flavours.

Mushroom Risotto had a peculiar taste. It was because of the white wine and the quality of rice that they used deserved a thumbs up. Trust me, I have seen people using Basmati Rice while making Risotto’s. Moving on to Chicken Satay-the Thai dish, they were a little bland and undercooked. The peanut sauce served along tried to make it up for the lost attributes but failed miserably.
Bhutte Ke Kebabs were new to me. Minced corns mixed with some aniseeds and presented as a typical bhutta.
Also, the Non-Vegetarian Platter deserves a recommendation because of the variety of appetizers served, would definitely like to see another mutton starter in the platter rather than majority being from the Chicken section.


Pan-Flavoured Kulfi
Three scoops of deliciously-crazy kulfi, served on pan leaves with gulkand on top. This need not be missed. This dessert would make me go back to Masabaa.

They have a variety of Cocktails in their menu, the one with the Red Bull is famous among the crowd. Also, the Grape Coller Mocktail hits you with the subtle coolness.

Masabaa is also coming up with a terrace cafe next month and some brilliant new concepts. They even have a dance floor. With about 3.5 on 5 from my side, they did impress me with some of the dishes but a few things do need improvements. A long way to go! 🙂

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