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Carl's Jr Comes to Delhi!

Carl’s Jr, the American leading fast food chain is going to open it’s very first branch in India! Starting from August 8th, Saturday, you can hungrily go to it’s doors and start banging for it’s exquisite burger and fries! Located in the Southern Park (Back Wing) of Select CityWalk, Saket, Carl’s Jr has a whooping capacity of 80-100 people.

Pricing: It comes somewhere between Wendy’s and Johnny Rockets. Rs. 700 for 2 would be a good estimate. But the quality and the taste does not come close to most of the Burger food chains.

This is the third popular Burger chain launch in India in the past 14 months and I think it was quite brave of the company to set their foot in India where there are already 2 successful chains going on (McD & KFC) although both have been getting negative growth rate recently. Also opening behind a very successful mall was a risky step. The location could have been better but let’s see the buzz.



Carl’s Jr. had a lively ambiance with popular songs on it’s playlist. The colors are very subtle and the ceiling has their iconic star. There are picnic tables which give the place a very casual feel.


Their unique selling point is that their burger patty’s are char-grilled unlike other food chains who usually deep fry. The Burgers are therefore light in comparison. The buns are very soft.
They serve Beer after 6 which is quite good. Another unique thing about this place is that they have refills available, not only for the soft drinks but also for the Iced Teas.


Mile High Burger

This burger had a normal grilled Chicken patty with mild spices. It had a basic burger bun with an oval shaped patty larger than the size of the bun.

Mango Jalapeno
Mango, the seasonal fruit has been blended well with the hotness of Jalapenos. The char-grilled chicken patty had a tinge of sweetness which went well with the wholewheat fiber buns. It was a little messy though but then again CJ proudly claims that it’s going to be a messy experience!


Aloo Achari
It was a mainstream attempt by CJ which didn’t live upto our expectations.

Tandoori Paneer
‘Indianizing’ burgers has it’s limits. This variant sadly wasn’t a good one. The char-grilled Tandoori Paneer patty was

Fenugreek Veggie Strips
This was something new which we all came to love. Three very flavorful veg strips which tasted just amazing!

Onion Rings
The Onion Rings looked interesting enough and had a good portion size. The coating was cripsy and it went well with the chilly sauce.


They had very unique flavours of shakes. The Pina Colada and the Tiramisu. Both these shakes were thick and luscious. Topped with whipped cream, these are a must try for everyone!



The classic NonVeg burgers will not give much of a wow factor to the Delhi foodies as better burgers are being flipped in the capital.  The vegetarian burgers looked like they were made by a Non-Vegetarian eater as they had nothing to impress the veg crowd.
With the money invested by the Indian partner for brining in a less known brand in India, they could have had better luck in creating a buzz around in social media pre-launch. The people in Delhi were eagerly waiting for popular chains like Burger King or Wendy’s to show up. This was just another affair.


Carl's Jr. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Let’s see what Carl’s is like for the people of NCR. Only time will tell.

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