Top 10 Pizza places in Delhi

Top 10 Pizza places in Delhi

Pizza has been one of the most loved food all over the world and has undergone a lot of modifications from time to time and place to place. We have been gulping in Pizzas of all kinds here in India as well. Nirula’s were the ones who introduced pizzas to the masses. From here it went to all small bakeries and fast food joints (No comments on the authenticity please). Then came in big players like Pizza Hut and Domino’s. Both were American Pizza chains and proved to be an instant hit in an evolving Indian economy. There were a number of other chains as well that entered the market but couldn’t make a mark.

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There lies an ancient history behind the origin of Pizza. It is known to be introduced by the Greeks. It was basically a bread flavored with herbs and cheese, something what we know as Focaccia. Later the Italians evolved it a lot by adding some Tomatoes and Basil along with white Mozzarella. They named it Pizza Margherita. I have seen a lot of people loving this Pizza today as well. Pizza migrated from Italy to United States of America in late nineteenth century and this led to the boom in its demand. The pizza chains like Pizza Hut, Domino’s and many more were a result of this boom.

We can see a lot of variety of Pizzas being made around the world. The major variations are in the Pizza Crust and the way of cooking (Apart from toppings of course). Pizza sauce is also something which changes recipe to recipe. Here is a detailed description of the componenets.

Pizza Crust

The Pizza Margherita was made using thin and hand tossed crust by the Italians. I have had a number of recipes in thin crust. Some add corn meal and some semolina to the dough. The motto is to keep it crispy. The Americans evolved it and made it into a deep dish or pan pizza variant. The thin crust is crispy and light where as the deep dish is crispy from outside and soft from inside. Along with two crusts we can also get an ultra thin crust which is normally available in 12” size. It is my personal favorite preparation.

Apart from these we can also get Stuffed Crust Pizzas, Cheese bursts pizzas, Pocket Pizzas and Calzones.

Stuffed crust Pizzas have a cheese filling in outer edge whereas the cheese burst pizzas have cheese stuffed between two layers of pizzas bases. In pocket Pizzas the cheese between the two pizza bases is replaced by toppings. Calzones are a form of folded pizzas. The best part with a Calzone is that the topping are not directly exposed to the oven heat, which retains the actual flavor of veggies and protects their nutrition as well.



There are number of ovens available for making Pizzas. With conveyer belt oven and induction oven being the most commonly used ovens for baking pizzas, the wood fired ovens with stone base are said to be more traditional ones. The Induction ovens also have stone on top, but they miss to give the smokey flavor and aroma to the Pizzas. In a recent advertisement I saw one of Pizza brands introducing wood fired seasoning claiming it to give a similar flavor. I am yet to try that though. According to my personal experience wood fired oven are the best to bake the Pizzas.

Pizza Sauce

Pizzas sauce is another factor that differentiates the Pizza making process. There are a number of recipes of making Pizza sauce. If I am asked about my choice I personally like the pizza sauce made by tomato puree with herbs and fresh basil. Fresh basil gives it a different aroma and addd an extra flavor to the Pizza. Many chefs use dry Basil to give a similar flavor but never succeed in achieving the same. To experience it you can try a pizza at Pizza Express. I believe there Pizza Sauce is the best I have ever tasted.

These days we can also get pizzas with white cheese sauce, Spicy Baja(Mexican Chilly) sauce and to an extent with tandoori sauce. I even tasted a Butter Chicken Pizza. This pizzas was made with actual Butter Chicken gravy and tandoori chicken chunks. Was superbly yummy.


Cheese is another factor that people look for in Pizzas. Some people like their Pizzas to extra cheesy and some like it to be low on cheese. The success of cheese burst pizza is one such example. It is so heavily loaded with cheese that I just couldn’t taste anything apart from cheese in that. But it still tastes divine. There are a few pizzas made without cheese also. Boccuncini is also used for making some special pizzas. They are placed on a hot Pizzas baked without cheese. Makes a very healthy preparation.

The best cheese that I have had is Quattro Formaggi. It had Mozzarella, Cheddar, Gouda and Edam.



Foodies have their specific choice in toppings as well. Following is the list of the most popular toppings.

Non Veg                                                                              Veg

Pepperoni                                                                           Tomatoes

Anchovies                                                                           Artichokes

Ham                                                                                       Asparagus

Prosciutto Ham                                                                 Bell Peppers

Eggs                                                                                       Capers

Baked Chicken                                                                  Olives

Lamb Mince                                                                       Jalapenoes

Chicken Sausages                                                            Spinach

Smoked Salmon                                                                               Rocket Leaves

Top 10 Pizza places in Delhi , Ranking wise.

  1. Pizza Express
  2. La Piazza
  3. La Vie
  4. Crusty
  5. Café Tonino
  6. Olive Kitchen and Bar
  7. California Pizza Kitchen
  8. World Pizza Journey
  9. Fat Lulu’s Café & Bar
  10. Amici Café

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