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The history of Macaroons can be traced back to Italy in the 9th century, but the form which is currently famous was developed in Italy in 1533. Macaroons are made from egg whites and grounded almond powder and you can find an Indian version in Mangalore where they use cashew instead of almond. In Delhi, if we speak of shops which sell decent macaroons, there are only few to name and the list does not even make it to a double-digit. I personally would recommend L’Opera (multiple outlets), 360-degree Oberoi’s, and Wenger’s CP.  While they charge a whopping Rs 250 at L’opera to Rs 70 to 80 at Wenger’s, L’opera without any doubt has the major market share for this delectable sweet.

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Amit Burman’s The Artful Baker is opening in Khan market very soon. They have a pop-up bakery to take customer feedback and promote their brand before its launch in Khan Market. After seeing a post on social media about selling macaroons for Rs 65/-, they got me all excited to taste them. The first thing that I noticed was that the size of the macaroons was too small compared to all the other three offerings mentioned above. Adding 1 to 1.5 cm of radius won’t hurt too much of their costing. Out of the two which I tasted, the salted macaroon was dry but had a good taste while the other one tasted really nice. The macaroons taste really good and might become a hot seller as soon as they open up if they maintain their quality.

Their presentation was also pretty good. There was one more thing we tried which was a Paris Brest made from a non-rising agent and relies on the steam of ingredients to make it a light pastry. We have high hopes from the concept and pricing of Lite Bite foods.

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