Short description : Kashmir is known as heaven on Earth because of its mesmerising scenic beauty and it can be aptly applied to Khyen Chyen’s cuisine as well. The cuisine of Kashmir is truly unique, absolutely rich in taste and exotic in flavours. It has become a popular choice now because of the superb preparations and fabulous aromatic flavours which includes specific spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves , saffron etc and dry fruits.
KHYEN CHYEN is one such name where you can relish real authentic Kashmiri WAZWAN (a multi-course meal mostly including meaty preparation ) which is located on the ground floor of  Cross Point mall, DLF Galleria, Gurgaon.
It has a limited seating arrangement having  interiors inspired by the Kashmiri culture.
Chef Manzoor Ahmad was the in charge of our evening who took the responsibility of our food journey.
We first started with-
Tabakh Maaz, a must try item to start with. They are shallow fried mutton ribs rubbed in turmeric, cinnamon and saffron. They have a crispy texture from outside and are tender from inside and served dry.
Kanti was next on our table where the small boneless chicken pieces were marinated in the spices and prepared using green chilli, onions and tomatoes having a very thick consistency. It was definitely very good.


 is actually lamb meatballs in yoghurt gravy. Indeed a very delectable delicacy where the lamb is beaten till it becomes gooey and then salt and fat are rubbed in it after which they are poached, imparting a spongy texture to it and then cooked in yoghurt gravy along with the spices.

Rogan Josh, an extremely popular spicy lamb curry preparation. Rogan is basically the fat in which it is cooked in and Josh means hot and compassionate. It is a combination of hot spices and the red colour is derived from maval, which is a dried flower from the cockscomb plant. The meat is tender and succulent and the red colour of the gravy is a treat to the eyes and taste buds too.
Waza Kokur is a chicken based dish with saffron gravy where it is prepared using mild spices yet giving a very unique and flavourful taste.
Rista are the spongy meatballs pounded and simmered in spicy saffron gravy. They are comparatively smaller in size than the Goshtaba. Traditionally, it is cooked by poaching the mince meatballs in turmeric infused water and then simmered in the gravy made of onion, green chilli and saffron.
Chicken Yakhni is an exotic yoghurt based chicken curry dish flavoured with fennel, mint powder and herbs. This is a mild and subtle dish generally eaten with steamed rice.
Daniwal korma, a definitely recommended chicken delicacy which is prepared in saffron curry and flavoured with fresh coriander.
Pulav needs a special mention because of its rich preparation where the long grain rice is cooked with saffron, dry fruits and special Kashmiri onions.
After enjoying all these must try and superb dishes, we ended our journey on a very sweet note and tried their desserts
Fireen, which is a semolina based pudding infused with the flavour of saffron and cardamom and was extremely tasty. It is served cold and topped with dry fruits. Not to be missed at all.
While we were thinking of bidding adieu, the server insisted on trying their special Kashmiri hot tea known as Kehwa, which is a sweet green tea made by using saffron, cardamom and served with almonds. It tastes awesome even without adding sugar too.
To conclude my experience on Kashmiri cuisine I must say that Mr. Nasir has really done a great job by bringing the exquisiteness of his hometown (Kashmir) and this cuisine in the hustle bustle of the metro city so that foodies like us can easily relish the richness of flavours without travelling miles. One thing which is highly commendable about this place is their warm and humble hospitality which wins your heart for sure. Kudos to the whole team of Khyen Chyen!

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