Grub House

Almond Martini


Grub House by Gola

Short Description –  This place is like a grub fest under a roof! They know their food well but have altered and twisted few of the dishes according to the Indian Taste. The quantity of the food and drinks is good.

Gola is a well know name in Delhi for the last 2 decades. Even before the term fusion came into existence, they were serving Chinese food to the Indian taste buds in their venture China garden and Gola sizzlers. With the changing time, they have come up with a casual dining concept which has been customized according to the taste buds of the Indian palate. Located in the growing JP Dutta market of Rajouri Garden, they have the entire building with them. At the ground floor you can see a café theme sitting and as you move upstairs, you can have a feel of casual dining and on the top floor they have a lounge.


We chose to try a more relaxed seating which was the lounge playing good music with nicely done interiors.

Drink Talks – Mocktails were nicely done, especially the fruit-based one. The quantity is something which you will not be disappointed with when it comes to drinks. The LIIT was among the best you can have in Delhi and we assure you that it does not get any stronger than this. The martinis were a little too flavored and textured. Martinis should always be strained.

Food talks

We started with Panko Fried Fish which was crisp from the outside and soft from the inside along with Vegetable Spring Roll which was stuffed with cottage cheese. Cottage cheese was not going well as a filling. Mutton Boti Masala would be one of the nicely spiced and flavorful dishes we had tasted which came along with pao.

The Classic Paneer Tikka was nicely done and they cannot go wrong with the Indian food. Adobo fish grilled is from the Philippines region and was perfectly cooked. Everyone loves chaat and they had the non-vegetarian version which we tasted for the very first time. It was fried Shammi kebab over papdi chaat. The combination was good and we loved it.

The Butter Chicken Pizza was brilliantly done. The grilled pieces of chicken and the pizza sauce were replaced by Makhni sauce. The end result was a delicious dish. Tandoori Veg Sizzler was followed was followed after the pizza. You can’t come to Gola’s Restaurant and not order a sizzler. The sizzler was brilliantly done and served along a thin curry to be poured separately.

Thai Herb Keema Risotto was a fusion dish from 3 cuisines. The Risotto was cooked to perfection and was flawless but did not go very well with the Keema.

Kuch mitha ho jaye – The classic Tiramisu was very nicely made and the balance of sweetness and sourness was maintained. Chocolate tri is a must have for all the chocolate lovers. For the Desi Sweet tooth stick kulfi and Gulab jamun were too good


Standout Dishes – Butter chicken , Mutton Boti and LIIT

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