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Olive Bar and Kitchen is like a synonym to fine dining and good food. Over the years, several changes have been made in the menu according to the global food trends. We were invited to taste their summer menu which has been done by the very talented Chef Sujan Sarkar. The Ambience of Olive is very soothing and an ideal place for a romantic dinner especially during the winters.

Short Description – The food is very light, multi-textured and has a wide variety of flavors to offer. The Desserts are like the highlight of the menu although the regular menu also has some amazing options. A meal for 2 will cost you approximately Rs 3500-5000 (without alcohol).


Food Talk

Beetroot, Goat Cheese, Walnuts (Rs 700) –Slow poached marinated beetroot served with house churned beetroot sorbet melting goat cheese croquettes & caramelised walnuts- The Beetroot was not soft and needed more poaching while the sorbet was nice and subtle.

Salmon Mi-Cuit, Vanilla, Sour Cream (Rs 900) Slow temperature cooked Scottish salmon served with house churned sour cream sorbet, compressed green apple, pickled cucumber & toasted melba – The Salmon was cooked perfectly with all the natural flavors intact. The Sour Cream sorbet was a really bad idea as Salmon has a very delicate taste and sorbet numbs your taste buds for few seconds as a result you don’t get to enjoy the salmon.


Chicken & Celeriac Terrine Rs 800-Sliced meatloaf made with slow cooked confit chicken & celeriac served with artichoke purée, petite salad & crispy chicken skin. Brilliant use of the french cooking technique which help retain maximum taste

Vegetarian Ceviche Salad (v) Rs  650 Thinly sliced summer vegetable dressed in citrus, garnished with capers, palm hearts, avocado & grapefruit – Beautifully presented salad which you can not resist.

Three gain Milanese – ( Rs 800) Arborio, barley and black rice cooked in saffron stock asparagus, green peas, sundried tomatoes and goat cheese. This Risotto was all about the texture coming from different types of grains used. The taste of the dish was subtle and was ‘Brilliantly done’!

Crisp Skin Chicken Breast (Rs 1200)- Slow cooked chicken breast served with a roulade of chicken leg stuffed with minced chicken mousse, creamy potato mash, wilted Swiss chard & brandy pepper jus  – A chicken breast is very difficult to cook as it has very less fat and tends to become dry. This was a very well executed dish with both the breast and roulade of chicken cooked to perfection – I would say ‘Fork licking good’!

Australian Lamb Rack (Rs 2200)– Herb crusted grilled lamb chops finished in oven, served with barley & beans cassoulet, confit solo garlic, slow cooked tomatoes, & potato mash This was the only dish which did not impress us much. The plating was not as good as compared to Olive’s standards. The lamb was over cooked which was requested at a medium level.


 Mango Panacotta (Rs 500)- Vanilla pudding served with fresh mango, honeycomb, broken meringue, mango jelly &  ice cream– Panna Cotta served with fresh mangoes and an amazing Mango ice cream. The sweetness was well balanced along with the components on the plate.

Roulade of Red Velvet (Rs 500) Red velvet sponge rolled with Philly cheese mousse, served with raspberry coulis & sorbet-  Red Velvet should be named as the Dessert of the Decade with its gaining popularity worldwide. The sponge was soft and moist with excellent Philly cheese mousse.

Tiramisu v 3 – Tiramisu means Lift Me Up! It was a sandwich between mascarpone cheese and coffee soaked sponge along with a lovely ice cream that too of a coffee flavour.

The summer menu of Olive Bar and Kitchen is surely a Must Try!










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