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Bahubali: A Movie of Mixed Emotions

Indian cinema has definitely taken a huge leap as far as technology is concerned. The visual effects, music and  picturization are now quite enhanced to give the viewers a better value for their money. But some of them are losing their soul in terms of the story, screenplay and editing. Bahubali is one such case.
After reading some rave reviews about Bahubali, we finally went to watch the movie expecting it to be a visual treat and were not disappointed at all from the visuals. It would have been better in a 3D version though.

The movie starts with a lady trying to save the life of a baby (Bahubali). She somehow manages to save the child’s life but sacrifices hers in the conflict. A group of villagers spot the child and manage to save him. The lady instantly points towards the top of the waterfall and in a few moments she was carried away by the powerful stream. The men of the group think of taking the baby there but one of the ladies refuses and takes his responsibility. The boy, Shiva is raised by Sanga as her own child. 
As the boy belonged to the region on top of the cliff, he is somehow always attracted to it and constantly tries to reach it, but all his attempts result in a failure. One day a mask falls from the cliff on his lap. He makes it out that it belongs to a lady. He becomes highly determined to reach that cliff in search of that lady. This works as a motivation for him hence leading to achievement. He defies all the laws of gravity and reaches the top. From the designing of the mask, he could assume the face of the lady to whom the mask belonged. Avantika is one of the rebels who stood against the King of Mahishmati Empire, Bhallala Deva (Rana Daggubati). The aim of the rebellions is to rescue their queen Devasena (Anushkha Shetty). The story moves on and eventually Shiva takes up the challenge and the action begins. The plot that definitely sounds epic is carried on from here. 
This leads to a very loose plot that fails to grab one’s attention during the middle part of the movie. The only time the movie felt interesting was when it was coming towards an end. A very smart ending, I must say. Some one who was not that impressed by this part, will definitely wait for the sequel. I hope that the sequel is going to be an action packed Epic.
The real hero here were the visuals. Even the music was not very impressive. All the actors have done a decent job, but nobody performed to the extent of getting a special mention.
If you want to enjoy Bahubali, don’t follow the rave reviews and don’t expect too much out of it.

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