Facts about Ketchup

Tomato Ketchup has become an integral part of our staple diet. USA does consumes ketchup more than any other country. But to my surprise, the origins of this condiment is from China. The word ‘ketchup’ originally meant ‘fish sauce’. In India, a few fast foodchains are opening up every month. With Wendy’s and Carls Jr. coming up, the country’s contribution to the increase in the consumption of ketchup would go up. Not only will the food chains help, but the local chutneys and pickles now have a substitute, the squeezy bottles of ketchup. With Paranthas, Pakodas and even with Samosa’s and spring rolls, ketchup emerges as the knight in shining armour.

Some hidden facts about  Ketchup

1. The earlier versions did not use tomatoes at all. It was made from mushrooms, anchovies, shallots and oysters. Surprise? I just cannot imagine eating a samosa with oysters ketchup. Sickening, isn’t it?

2. Originally used as a cooking ingredient, it was used as a complex sauce in pies and pizza’s. Well, we do have Pizza Hut using Tomato Ketchup these days.

3. America is the largest consumer of tomato ketchup. From Hotdogs to Hamburgers, ketchup has been their favourite condiment for years. According to a rough estimation, every individual in the USA consumes 2 packets of ketchup each day.

4. Ketchup was used as a miracle drug too. It was a cure-all medicine curing anything and everything. Cholera being one of the disease.

5. Heinz produces more than 60 varieties of ketchup. That’s a huge number, but goes with the number 57. 5 and 7 being the entrepreneurs wife’s favourite numbers.

That’ll be all from the Ketchup Story.
All I can think of right now is the Ketchup Song.
Happy Ketchuping!

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facts about  Ketchup

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