Atlantis Dubai


Atlantis Dubai is known to every Indian after the famous movie, Happy New Year. It was towards the end of the last quarter of the year 2014 when I visited this property for a 2-day stay. This is supposed to be a Family Resort showcasing a 5 star Rating and hence, the expectations were very high.

 Check In-  I made a special request before booking this place for a city view and in return got a confirmation of the subject of availability. They asked me to wait for three hours for that particular room which wasn’t ready for our check-in or I could opt for the se-view room straight away.

Finally, after a long time, I was checked in to my room. Most of the people waiting in the lobby were still clueless if they would still get a room and most of the people were Indians. People choose to spend a single day stay for this property as a part of the Dubai experience. Also, the main attraction to this place is the water park which operates from 10 am to 5 pm.Since, many guests check in at 2 or 3 they do not get to enjoy the luxury of the complementary water park.

Coming to my experience at the check in desk, no one really cared to escort us. I had to call up people several times to refill things.

Accommodation – The room in which we stayed was from the base category which will cost you around $500 in December. The room was luxurious though and the view was spectacular. We were just above the aquarium and could see the sharks moving to and fro.The washroom was a bit clumsy and the quality of the toiletries used were unacceptable. The bath tub could not have accommodated a 6 foot  high person or someone weighing over 200 pounds.

Also note, they won’t treat you well even on your special occasion. The best they could do for us was to put up exactly three pieces of chocolates. The person behind the concept and format of this company should come and stay in five-star hotel in Delhi and see the magic the hotel would do for his/her special occasion. Hospitality was a far cry.

Restaurants – Nightmare is the word which comes to my mind when I think of their Restaurants. We tried their Burger joint which served buns which were moist due to excess water from the patty. The vegetarian burger was an equal disaster. I tried both of their Restaurants, a long queue was awaiting. Ouch! Paying $500 for a night and standing in a queue for breakfast. Few more years and this US chain would issue food Stamps to its guests.

Activities – There are lot of fun activities to do in the hotel and most of them are outsourced. Once checked in you don’t have to carry cash and can pay through your room. Water park is free for the guest and I advise to take less for the water park as you won’t get lot of storage space. Towels are free for the house guests.

 Room service – The room service is as attentive as a cranky baby. They need to hire more staff or do something about their current staff, because people expect to get a response soon. But on the other hand, I needed some medical attention because of a minor injury in the water park and the Doctor did come as and when I needed him.

Conclusion – It does not matter what room you book. They don’t care about the people under a billion dollar worth. Overall, mixed reviews. Pleasant view, disappointing hospitality.

They certainly need to work on the following areas:Communication skills, Hospitality, Guest Attention and Food!! (we know Ramsay is opening up a restaurant there but they need more than that.)

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