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Tian- Asian Cuisine Studio

Vir Sanghvi is a name that has inspired a lot of food and travel writers in this country. One of them being our Hmm team member, Deepti got a rare opportunity to meet him in person for a High Tea organized by EazyDiner at Tian- Asian Cuisine Studio at ITC Maurya.


The event started off with Mr. Sanghvi addressing the crowd and introducing the Head Chef of Tian, Vikramjit Roy. Vikramjit performed in a Live Kitchen with his extremely efficient team and talked about each dish in detail and the concept behind each one of them. Let us take you to a Pan Asian journey through the vision of Mr. Vikramjit.

Fish and Corn

With an extraordinary presentation, this dish had given us a preview of how amazing the entire experience was going to be. With fish and corn hanging on the branches of an artificial tree, the dish tasted as good as it looked. It was accompanied by a Thai flavoured red sauce and dehydrated lotus root.



Pork Belly Tacos

This was one of the most liked dishes. It was a hard shell taco made of beetroot with a filling of chunks of braised and pulled pork. It was served along with green tomato ceviche and wasabi. The pork was very fresh and extremely soft, something which is very rare to find in Delhi.



Scallop Micro Sponge

This was again a very uniquely presented dish. With scallops hidden under an inverted jar of smoke, it was accompanied by celery and miso which is a paste made from fermented soya beans used in Japanese cookery. As soon as the server lifted the jar, the smoke gently escaped and the fresh wood smell prepared our taste buds to enjoy this dish. The scallop micro sponge was extremely soft and truly cooked to perfection.



Crab Rice Bun Burger

This dish was the most popular and loved dish among all. With a dehydrated sweet potato and crab stuffing inside the rice bun, it was an innovation by Chef Vikramjit which truly deserves an ovation.



Clouds and Rock – Dessert

Desserts are always the best part of any meal. Chef Vikramjit primarily used liquid nitrogen to prepare his desserts and needless to say, they were ‘yummilicious’. For Clouds and Rock, he took white chocolate and poured liquid nitrogen on it which is -185 degree and converted it into an ice cream which was a very close resemblance to clouds. It was served beautifully with some chocolate sauce, dry fruits and a very gentle flavor of dehydrated strawberry powder.



Eat Off Your Table

This was the perfect grand finale we could have expected out of this amazing gastronomic journey. The Chef started off with two glass plates and what he created on them with an amalgamation of uncountable flavors like mango, chocolate, marshmallows, blueberries was a delight no foodie can afford to miss. As soon as the desert was completed, all the foodies ran to occupy the ideal spots to enjoy this dessert.


Chef Vikramjit is sure to mark an impact on the food industry with his much appreciable team.



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