Zakir Nagar Food Walk

Lukhnowi Galauti

Zakir nagar has been an untouched affair for our foodie group till date. Since first day of this sacred Ramzaan season we all were planning to go to Zakir nagar for a food walk.
 Short Description- Had a number of must-visit places in mind. To name a few, Purani Dill Restaurant, Tipu Sultan Moradabadi Biryani and Lucknowi Galawati Kabab were on top of it. The streets here are narrower and more crowded than the ones in Delhi 6 making it difficult to walk. People interested in exploring this particular street should park their cars much ahead and then start walking. We did the same and now were all set to satisfy our taste buds.

I have been to Tunday in Lucknow , but I must say that the Galautis at Lucknowi Galauti Kabab are definitely much better than Lucknow. Extremely soft and adequately spiced.The second dish we had was Dil ki Boti. Tender and tasty, the meat was perfectly cooked and tasted superb.The Nihari at Delhi Nihari hotel  here was mild in flavours. Didn’t like the first bite of it , but the second bite started tasting better. I have certainly had much betteri Nihari. According to all of us, Jama Masjid has better options for the same dish.

The Kabab at Talib Kabab Corner  were amazingly sumptuous and tasty. The divine flavours were infused in the Kebabs and the Kebabs were Bar-be-qued to perfection.Heard a lot about Purani Dilli Restaurant before visiting. We ordered Haleem and Nihari here. This place was a compete disappointment. Haleem was high on salt and very high on black pepper. Nihari was equally bad. High on black pepper again. ” Bade Rusva hoke tere kooche se hum nikle


I don’t think I need to explain my reason to visit Javed Famous Nahari and they didn’t disappoint us. The Nihari was great and fabulously spiced. I even got to know that their Nihari sells super quickly.So, try and be there as soon as you hit the street.Tipu Sultan Chicken Wala are known for their Biryani and Korma. We only had their Biryani. The Biryani was mildly spiced but very tasty. The Biryani here is a bit different then what we get elsewhere because it is a Moradabadi Biryani. 

Royal Chicken are famous for Afghani Chicken.  The picture shows the amount of butter they put in. But I didn’t mind the the curd & butter loaded chicken which was great. This even made the chicken very succulent and flavoursome.”Blenders “  the name doesn’t go with the street but the shakes here are a must have. We had anjeer shake and dates shake. They were thick and creamy. Definitely recommended.

Unsung Hero – A shop with no name
This no-name shop is right opposite Blenders. We had Shahi Tukda, Rabdi falooda, Rabdi and Phirni from here. Shahi Tukda was good but rest were not at all worth the time and money.Qasmi Biryani center , we didn’t go for Biryani here. On our way back we read “Thandi Kheer” here and couldn’t stop ourselves from tasting. They didn’t disappoint us as well. The Phirni was next to perfect.

After the first exploration, this place should be visited for all the above listed places but don’t forget to miss Purani Dilli Restaurant. Apart from that, all were worth visiting. Even the Shahi Tukda opposite to Blanders was good.

Overall a good option after Jama Masjid.

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