Organic Chole Puri

At 11 am I was searching for food near the Aditya city center and I looked at a green shack which Read “ Organic Food “ and on the menu was Tikki , Gole gappe and newly introduced chole puri. The young man offered everyone a free trail and told me that I should try his chole which is very good for health. He continued to explain that due to his mother illness they had to create food which was delicious and easy to digest The family had done lot of R&D on the things which disturbs the Digestion and to top that off they used organic ingredients. They used Desi ghee which put them back Rs 2000 per KG.

The person selling and founder was not a drop out person from college. He did his BBA from London and spend a year in NYC under the student exchange program. The food truck concept and the tv series Eat Treat got into the young lad’s blood and after returning to India he wanted to do something related to street food which is healthy. Meanwhile I had the conversation  with this person my plate of hot puri chole was ready . The perfect round balls of poori which was crisp and cooked in Desi ghee. He assured me it was healthy to eat desi ghee as its digested easily. The chole had a good flavor not very high on spices but a taste which reminds me of home. The food was light on my stomach and for this organic chole puri I end up paying Rs 70  . Organic food at normal prices


Location – Aditya City centre , Indirapuram


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