Mei Kun – Thai food Festival

Kempinski group ofHOTELS has been in East Delhi for the last three years. They have built impeccable standards and have improvised creativity from time to time. Considering they are the oldest group of hotels from Europe, one couldn’t expect less.
They have been known for leaving a great impression to their patrons by providing excellent service and superb hospitality.

Located on Maharaja Surajmal Marg, this particular property has been known as one of the best in this part of the city. They have three Restaurants in the same property, Café Knosh, Dilli 32 and Mei Kun.

This time we were here at Mei Kun for the Thai Food Festival, which was organized specially for this season. The management has specially hauled their chefs  from Thailand to India. Chef Kwan, from Siam Kempinski, Bangkok is heading the Thai food festival to ensure the authenticity in true sense.

I have always been a fan of Thai food because it is one cuisine where there if abundance of freshness and zest, it is something which appeals to all senses. The blend of tangy, sour, sweet and chilly flavours has always been a winner for all Thai Food lovers.

This is going to be a ten day long event starting from 10th July 2015 and ending on 19th July 2015.
An important note is that Mei Kun is only operational during dinner time. We were offered a range of authentic Thai delicacies in the special Menu crafted for the festival. The inclusions of the food festival are as followed:-



Thai Sweep is a Lemon grass based vodka cocktail. This was made specially for the Thai food festival.

Green Summer
A blend of cucumber juice, sweet and sour flavors and highly refreshing.



Yam Sam O

A spicy, tangy Pomelo salad that sang of refined flavours. Pomelo was accompanied by fresh onion juliennes, green peas and sliced red chilles with a sweet and sour dressing. The freshness of the ingredients was the best part of the salad.

Yum Gai Yang

A grilled Chicken salad loaded with flavor of fresh green coriander, tomatoes, celery and spring onions. The cook on the chicken was beautiful and it was marinated perfectly.

Kor Moo Yang
Grilled pork neck infused with a bomb of Thai flavours, very tender and succulent. Highly recommended.

Goong Thod Kratium Prik Thai

This was the highlight for me.  The Shrimps were fried with garlic and pepper. They were topped with a date palm jaggery and tamarind sauce, which made it a pleasant on the palate.Highly recommended.



Tom Yum Goong

Tom Yum has been known for its sharp and spicy character. This soup did not disappoint.  Amongst all the Tom Yum soups I have had in recent times, this was by far the best. An amazing blend of tangy and spicy flavours.

Main Course

Broccoli Phad Prik Kratium

Fresh Broccoli flowerets stir fried with mild chilly and garlic, worked as a great accompaniment. The Broccoli was well cooked and savoured equally well.

Phak Boong Fai Daeng

Stir fried Morning glory with yellow bean sauce, garlic and chilly. This was again a mildly toned dish with earthy flavors.

Pla Kra Pong Rad Prik

My favorite Thai dish. Deep fried Red Snapper slices, wok tossed with chilly sauce. The chilly sauce used to make Rad Prik is tangy, sweet and spicy, all of it. I enjoyed it thoroughly with the Steamed Rice.

Phad Thai Goong

Rice noodles with eggs and shrimps tossed in a tamarind sauce. A very delectable preparation and one of the best Phad Thais I have had.

Mhoo Phad Prig Thai dum

Stir fried pork with black peppercorn sauce. The pork was very well cooked, tender and adequately flavoured.

Musamun Gai

Musamun curry is a nut based curry with potatoes. The chicken musamun curry was just right to blend with the rice.



Kow Neuw Moon

Sticky rice with mango, I believe is the most popular Thai Dessert. The sticky rice was topped with coconut milk and was served with mango slices.

Kluy Buad Chee

Diced Banana pieces served in coconut  milk.

Both the Desserts worked as a perfect end to the food journey.We all were overwhelmed by the wonderful party of flavours we had just had. The food was especially fresh due to the use of top quality ingredients.  Each and every dish looked divine and was extremely palatable.

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