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Rara Avis

Short Description –  French food is all about natural flavors and minimum seasoning. Rara Avis serves a balanced menu which has a large variety of vegetarian dishes to offer, contradicting the belief that French cuisine is more for non vegetarians. Food is adequately priced and  tastes really good .


The most famous European cuisine in India is Italian. French cuisine on the other hand is steadily gaining popularity in India. It is all about natural and balanced flavors without using too much seasoning. It’s also about fresh ingredients, cheese and cooking with wine. Rajeev Aneja, the man behind Rara Avis called us in for lunch to help us understand more about french cuisine and the whole concept of Rara Avis.





Located on the second floor, Rara Avis has a rustic look with a heritage like ambiance. You can see expats enjoying their food during lunch hours which means this place must be serving something really authentic. A glass of French wine and RARA Avis (mocktail) was served to us which is a drink made from guava juice on the lines of bloody marry.

The first item on our table was La Gratinee (French Onion soup) which is a caramelized onion with cream and vegetable stock . With cheese and bread as accompaniments of this soup, the combination was perfectly suited. Next dish was also a vegetarian one and while people believe that French food is only for non vegetarians, we discovered that there were a lot of vegetarian options as well. The next dish was Croûtes aux Morilles (warm morel mushroom with port wine reduction). The dish looked spectacular and tasted really good. The acidity from the port wine and earthy flavor of mushrooms (Gucci from Kashmir – the most expensive ingredient after kesar) was well balanced. It was time to dig into some non-vegetarian food and we wanted to try Croquettes Panees Au Poulet (chicken croquets) . The chicken melted into our mouths when we dug into the crunchy outer layer. Mousse De Foie De Canard (duck liver mousse) had a very strong fragrance of meat and the texture was nice and smooth. This is a very popular dish in France but it might take some time for people like us to get accustomed to its taste since its very different.


We also ordered a Sangria (their sangria has been featured in our top 5 Sangrias in Delhi   Read more) which was nicely made and aromatic with the fragrance of cinnamon. Confit De Canard was a dish which showed a lot of French techniques of slowly cooking the meat and preserving its flavors. The end result is a tender meat with an amazing range of flavors. The dish was nice, subtle and my immediate favorite (Standout Dish).Escalope De Potiron was  a layered pan fried pumpkin served with emmenthal sauce. Again loved by us!

The last dish being served to us was Filet De Truite Aux Amandes. It was a pan fried trout filet with grilled almond slices. The fish was soft and tender and had the fresh water aroma still intact.

No French meal is complete without a Dessert. We went for old school Crepe Suzette. A classic French dessert which consists of a butter and sugar sauce with a flambe from rum or brandy . A nice way to end our meal at RARA Avis

Location – GK 2 M block market

Price for 2 – Rs 1500 to 2300 without drinks

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