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Perch Khan market


Finally a bar that caters to the diversified wine and coffee cravings under a single roof, Perch is a unconventional break from cult restaurants that has collaborated the love for two very essential thirst quenchers.

Ambience: Spread across two floors, Perch has an instant soothing effect on entrance. The interiors are mellow and uncluttered. There is a certain earthy organic feel about the simplistic yet sophisticated wall work and seating. However charming the endeavour is, I was put off with the sight of dirty sofas covered in hair, yeah, and we are asked to sit there.  Not so appetising now !
Service: The servers seemed keen almost to the brink of being nervous which made them a bit confused. Service of food was reasonably fine. 
Food: The menu is rustic and creative, not too over ambitious but just about fine to go with the wine list they serve. The idea is to pair good food with good wine I assume.
Pulled pork ciabatta was stuffed with well cooked pork strands that were mildly flavoured and dressed in a light summer sauce.
• Braised pork mango and melon salad could use some flavour and seasoning. The dressing was single dimensional and smelled of an unappetising oil that didn’t sit well on my palate. The idea to add texture was completely lost in the ill tasting muddle.
• Pork and shrimp sausage was interesting and delicious. The sauce was tangy and lent the prefect acidity to balance the chunky sausage.
• Lemon Ice tea was more acidic than my liking yet the addition of cucumber slices made it utterly refreshing and delightfully delicious. The quantity ? Well, definitely scanty. The ice tea was served in a wine glass with close to half of what it should be.
• cold coffee was well made with minimum sugar,just the way I love it.
Verdict : This is a good concept driven addition to the list of ever booming conventional restaurants in the neighborhood. However there is room for some tweaking to ensure a better dining experience with better tasting food and a little attention to detail.
Standout Dishes – Pork and shrimp sausage , cold coffee and Aeropress coffee
Cost per person : Rs 1000 without drinks
Perch Khan market is located opp Route 04

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