Terminator Genisys- 3.5/5

After missing Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator Salvation, I can finally say that I have no complaints with this movie. He is The Man and he is here with a Bang! With high expectations for a visual treat of the 3D effects, this movie left quite an impact on me with some of its remarkable scenes.

In the plot, John Connors and Kyle Reese team up to mark a win over Skynet while Skynet sends back a T-800 to the year 1984 to kill John’s mother. Kyle Reese is meanwhile sent to stop T800 from doing so.

This is the way the whole story begins. But lets not go into the details (can’t spoil your movie). The movie is not that gripping; but it does succeed in giving a nostalgic feeling. There is a lot of time travelling happening around which is a source of suspense and will keep you tied to the movie.

The Casting part has been good but Emilia Clarke looked too cute as Sarah Connors. A better casting would have created a better impact in my point of view. Arnold is the man to watch and he has definitely not disappointed his fans. His smile is killer (Alert Ladies!). Jason Clarke (John Connors) and Jai Courtney (Kyle Reese) have been great in their specific roles.

The best performers are the special effects. “Superb” is the word for it. From the beginning fight sequences till the end, they will keep you rolling and make you feel connected to the movie at so many different levels. The effects during the combat between the latest upgraded threat(Cant disclose) and Arnold are scintillating. I would have enjoyed it more if the plot would have been a little more gripping.

Nevertheless Alan Taylor has done a better job then what he did in Thor: The Dark World, in my opinion.

Definitely a onetime watch.


Terminator Genisys – Rating 3.5

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