Weekends are no more the time to wake up late, the new India wants to party hard and jog harder. Raahgiri now being more than just an initiative has affected the lives of millions either directly or indirectly. Enthusiasm has been the word to define everyone involved in the early morning hours. Even the tiring office routine hasn’t been able to stop fitness freaks from waking up yet another day at sunrise or even earlier.

Raahgiri CPThis trend is not just effective in keeping the fitness around but also has its after effects at the busy office desk on Monday. The busy life is no more an excuse for not being able to keep them fit; in fact the busy office schedule pushes them towards rejuvenation.

raahgiri CPWhether you want to run, cycle or dance, Raahgiri has it all for you. You can enjoy your favorite activities here with known or unknown people, after all every friend is a stranger first. You find friends with your routine, and it is like a local train which always explains the importance of journey not with the people you travel.

Raahgiri CPThe new India asks for a liberal place to express care-free what they want. Dancing in the open air without caring to match the dance steps is what people want. No judgment on the fat content or even the glamor around, this is what the beauty of Raahgiri. With the full enthusiasm and kindness Raahgiri is the new address for the fitness freaks every Sunday.

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