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HMM Rating : 3/5

After receiving wonderful applaud for Jolly LLB, Subhash Kapoor is back and we couldn’t have been more excited !!

Jolly LLB was amusing, but does his flair for political satire work when Guddu Rangeela steps in? Not too much.

Amit Sadh and Arshad Warsi play Guddu and Rangeela respectively, in a drama that tries to present Haryana as the perfect setting for a mix of desi and western. Guddu and Rangeela are involved in typical small time scams, but when trouble arises, they are asked to arrange for 10 lakhs for which they bite off more than what they can chew.

arshad kidnapping the girlJatland these days, has been the theme for all the rage in Bollywood. To make ends meet, Guddu and Rangeela are forced to kidnap a speech and hearing impaired girl named Baby ( AditiRao Hydari)  for ransom. All that fun suddenly turns into a serious drama with a some sociopolitical issues involved, and at this point, enters the brutal khap leader Billu Pehelwaan ( RonitRoy) who rapes, kills and what not. The plot then moves from a Haryana village to Chandigarh to Shimla, and then back again. As long as the film focuses on the fun part of it all, one seems to enjoy bits of it. But as soon as it enters into the territory of social issues, revenge and ‘’samaaj ka badlaav’’ areas, the script, to an extent, falls flat. The storyline becomes a little weak and the movie doesn’t touch you in spheres where it ought to.

arshad warsiIndividually, Arshad Warsi has the same old charm and this may not be the first time you would see him in this avatar. Amit Sadh does  full justice to his role, we totally love him in the scene where he plays antakshari with an official. His role as the ‘’lafanga’’ is well polished and convincing. Ronit Roy, as always, manages to steal the show with his bloodshot eyes and impressive portrayal as Billu. Aditi Rao may not be extremely convincing, but her role isn’t actually something that needs a lot of working on.

All in all, Guddu Rangeela has its share of fun and happy moments, but a confused plot may not make it as touching as it has to be. The song ‘’Mata ka Email’’ is quite a reason for all those whistles and we absolutely love it. We give it a 3, you can probably drop in for a watch this weekend.


For the official trailer go to the following link

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