Taco Bell launched in Delhi


Taco Bell is one of the most awaited food chains in Delhi. After stepping in Bangalore three years ago and understanding Indian market they went to Mumbai and now they Tacoed Delhi too.


Taco Bell also comes under Yum Restaurants, who also lead Pizza Hut and KFC. So we can definitely be assured that they master in the QSR system. Tacos in Delhi were limited to a few Mexican restaurants but now Taco Bell is here to make us relish some really delectable tex- mex  cuisine.



So we were there finally to explore it and went through a not so long que and ordered for a●Cheesy double decker chicken taco. It is  named  as double decker why because it had both the shells, crispy  and the soft shell as well. The crispy one filled with the chicken and veggies etc was actually  covered with a soft taco shell giving a nice combination of flavors with some crunchiness.

Chicken Topped Nachos

A perfect crispy starter where the nachos were topped with spicy chicken mince which was providing an extra kick to it. A must order item along with the drinks.


Chicken Burrito

It is a kind of roll or can say a wrap filled with the awesomeness of chicken, rice and kidney beans . A definite  healthy option to go for.


It is basically a thick fried Chalupa shell  which is a kind of tortilla, stuffed with ground chicken topped with cheese , lettuce,sour cream and salsa. Really, an item on the menu having blast of flavors.
The service was quite time efficient and the staff is very attentive too. The pricing also justifies the product and the portion they are serving very well. Overall a decent experience it was.

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