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9 Hidden Gems in Delhi You Just Cannot Afford To Miss!

We all have that one place which we love like crazy and always wonder, “Why isn’t it so popular?” Well, Hmm also has a list of such eating places in store for you which deserve more popularity.

  1. SHAGUN-

Amidst all the happening cafes like Big Yellow Door, Ricos and Wood Box Cafe in North Campus, there exists a very authentic Chinese, Japanese and Tibetan cuisine restaurant “Shagun”. The name might confuse you with some boring north Indian family restaurant. But what they serve at very reasonable prices is truly amazing! The restaurant has very old interiors which have not been changed since it was first opened 29 years ago.

Cost for two: 600/-




This small eating joint located in the SDA market opposite IIT Delhi can be missed out very easily. After tasting so many dishes on their menu, we can say that Spice Aangan will never disappoint you. Their Chicken Biryani, Afghani Chicken and Shawarmas are our favorite. In short, it is for all the hard core desi non vegetarians out there!

Cost for two: 400/-




National Crafts Museum is a place we visited as a part of our school trips and then never looked back again. Well, this café is now a reason for you to explore it once again. Situated in the Crafts Museum, this café, not only offers you an amazing amalgamation of North Indian and South Indian cuisines, but it also pushes you to experience the forgotten beautiful work of Indian Craftsmen.

Cost for two: 1000/-




A floral café with a theme of pastel vintage, Rose Café will surely teach you the definition of “Pretty”! It might be a little difficult to find due to its location in Saidulajab, Saket which is not known to many. Perfect for a girl’s day out, this place not only promises a different and a refreshing experience but it’s food is also sure to make you go Omnomnom..

Cost for two: 1800/-



  1. KAMAL’S-

A huge shout out to all the vegetarians out there! A place which serves Sasta, Tikau and extremely Lajawab food is here. Kamal’s in Sunder Nagar market is one such place where you can take your non-vegetarian friends and they won’t go disappointed. Famous for its tandoori items, Kamal’s should be marked on your wish list right now!

Cost for two: 500/-




This restaurant is one of our favorite eating places which serves authentic Chinese. Surrounded by all the happening and popular restaurants in Khan Market, China Fare does not have exquisite interiors or a large space to accommodate many people. But it does promise an enthusing experience once you taste their food.

Cost for two: 1500/-




How can we miss out Chandni Chowk in an article about hidden gems? With Karim’s known for one of the best non vegetarian restaurants in Old Delhi, Al Jawahar right opposite to Karim’s is surely a strong competitor and is also preferred by many.

Cost for two: 500/-




This gem of a place located amidst all the fashion studios in the narrow lanes of Shahpur Jat (Village) is an amazing cafe which charms us with “Modern Australian Cuisine” and gives you an instant fresh feeling when you enter. We would suggest this café to all those people who want a quiet time to themselves and just relax. PS: Free Wifi and Quiet Environment alert!

Cost for two: 1200/-




If there is heaven for South Indian food lovers! Then it’s here! Please do not expect it to be a typical South Indian restaurant. With funky, cool yet earthy interiors, Carnatic Café located in the New Friends Colony has a very different food menu as well which is sure to leave you drooling over this place.

Cost for two: 600/-



This is a very small list as compared to what our Incredible Delhi offers us every day! If your favourite hidden gem is not in the list, then please comment below and we will surely cover it in our next segment..

Till then.. Keep Eating and Sharing!

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