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Dimsum Bros- Ambience mall, Gurgaon

It’s been a while now that every immediate neighbourhood has small kiosks, serving piping hot momos and earning a lot of money. But the question remains the same..Are dimsums and momo’s from the same family?

Well, to start with, Dimsums literally mean a ‘snack’ in Chinese. The bite-sized portions are not only limited to chicken or pork meat but include sweet items like custards & egg tarts as well.

A few years back, whenever people spoke about Chinese food, everybody used to suggest Yo! China. Ambiance Mall has many options when looking for some delectable dishes but when it comes to fine-dining restaurants, only a handful of them come into consideration. Dimsumbros., being one of them.


Thimes dimsums at Dimsum BrosPrawn & Chives Dumplings:
The thin shell of the dumpling was green in colour. The prawns were perfectly cooked. Every bite offered a perfect crunch.

Original Chicken:
I got to taste about 5-6 chicken dimsums over a span of 15 minutes but this classic dimsum was bang on.

Chimi Changa rolls at Dimsum BrosChimi Changa Rolls:
For those of you who are not aware of this Chinese appetizer, these are basically a crispier version of the spring rolls. To my relief, they were not at all oily.

Almond prawns in wasabi and mayo at Dimsum BrosAlmond Prawns with Wasabi & Mayo:
I am not a wasabi-fan. But the sweetness of mayo perfectly complemented the pungency of the wasabi sauce. The finely chopped almonds on the top were a cherry on the cake. My favourite prawn dish here.

Pork Dimsums:

BBQ pork dimsum at Dimsum BrosPork Cha Sui Pao and BBQ Pork pastry both were delicious and up to the mark for a pork lover. Former is a steamed one with hard pork inside while the latter is baked one with soft pork inside.

Main Course:
Because, we were so full, we decided on sticking to the management’s recommendations only with only smaller portions of the dishes.

Even though the Veg. Fried Rice were bland but the freshness of the flavours were intact. I could have eaten a bowl of their fried rice without any gravy.

IMG_20150617_175131083The Chicken in Thai Basil Sauce was scrumptious. The sweetness of the basil was thoroughly seeped into the chicken.

Chicken in Ginger Chilli Sauce was spicy and considering our Indian palette, it wasn’t spicy at all.


Apple cocktail at Dimsum BrosFresh Green Apple: It might be a fashion to make fruit cocktails, but the right mix is always required to pull off an amazing drink. This vodka based drink has few slices of apple on the top but the important part is the blend.

Spicy CosmopolitanSpicy Cosmopolitan: As the name suggests it is the same cosmopolitan with some spices in it. With each and every sip of the drink you will not just have the spicy flavor but the sweetness embedded in it. A must have for someone who loves to experiment with the drinks.

Overall Dimsum Bros is one of the very few exceptional places which are flawless in terms of food and ambience along with a great service. It is one of the perfect places to host a corporate lunch or a family get together, it has something or the other to offer to everyone. We had an amazing time here and we would definitely love to come back to this place.

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