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Grant's- Awesome Job Campaign

Rob Allanson Global Brand Ambassador trying out Grant's cocktail#standtogether

Bored of your job?

Want to follow your passion?

You think some people around have much cooler jobs than you?

Well, I think Grant’s has come up with “Awesome Job Campaign” with an aim to find an ambassador. It just doesn’t sound awesome; it actually is awesome starting from the selection procedure to the job description.

The campaign was flagged off in Mumbai in May 2015 when they invited applications for the procedure. Out of hundreds of applicants and thorough screening procedure of telephonic interview and analyzing their social interactions final 15 candidates were selected for the next round. This amazing next round was witnessed by a spectacular audience at Anti-Social, Hauz Khas Village on 24th June 2015.

Grant's Awseome Job candidatesThe biggest catch in the procedure was that these 15 candidates were not called to be interviewed. Rather they were called for an interactive session along with their 3 supportive friends who would explain how awesome the candidate is. This all can be clearly explained by their tag line- “Awesome job that you can’t apply for” rather only your friends can recommend you for the job.

grant's awesome job campaignThe event witnessed amazing Jury Members Ms. Ambika Anand, Indian TV anchor and the editor in chief, fashion at NDTV Good Times, Mr.  Rob Allanson- Global Brand Ambassador and Ms. Shweta Jain, India Marketing Director along with Riyaz (Owner, Hauz Khas Social). They would select 3 candidates for the next round, results of which will be declared on 30th June 2015 along with the further procedure. And finally one candidate will be the Indian Brand Ambassador for Grants.

Elena, contestant at Grants amazing job campaignOut of these 15 candidates, each one of them was at par with each other. Some were bored of their IT jobs and some were just looking for some adventure, but all of them just wanted to bag this most awesome job ever. Elena who has been in India for the past 3 years and currently working as a consultant in a start-up got applied for this campaign the moment she got to know about it.

Grant's India Marketing director Shweta Jain sharing her mind on the awesome job campaignWith a brief interaction with Shweta Jain we got to know few things about this awesome job.

What makes this job so awesome– This job is all about how passionate any individual can be for their job and how they can use their passion in everyday life. The passion can be anything, from singing to dancing or even a flare of alcohol can make you fit for this job.

Why can’t anyone apply for this job themselves but only through friends– We celebrate together no matter how small the celebration is, even when you have any dreams, you are not alone. So why should a job hunt for which you are so passionate not include your friends. We are looking for the aspects which your friends might refer to and explain about you.

Will there be the same kind of campaign next year– We hope to push ourselves and trring something greater than this. As of now we are looking forward to get this person on board and then think about the next year.

Stay tuned to us for the next coverage of this awesome job campaign.

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