Newly opened in Janpath, enter Uzzuri and you’re greeted with a neat look of a European street café. Wooden flooring and ample space to sit, choose between sofas on one side and wooden chairs on the other. This place also showcases a map of Connaught Place on one of its walls, and other famous places. Offering an array of continental dishes, you’re going to be impressed by the variety. So there you go, take a sneak peak of what this place is all about.


Cucumber cooler : Extremely fresh and rejuvenating, the salt on the tip of the glass complimented the drink well. Fresh cucumber pulp and crushed ice, you cannot go wrong here.;~_NrQOx8vtGgIDsSuR2k~_2~_8cOF1KiKfcGqwZmwHFgXQhpMCNFLQUhDQJcXIXpE9YWCNkgQ9rPDgom1nkRWEibhTCgazAk~_cKufig3KK4ZeymKn0tMU~;PZAJ9Y7skRmBEWYBL5EDeACZEAI1VfU~;v9ZT58~-.bps.a.1049818335046654.1073742076.680509548644203/1049818465046641/?type=1&theater

Melon Delight : My favorite of the lot, chilled Melon heaven along with traces of Kiwi.

Watermelon cooler : Watermelon in any form is a boon in summers, and so was this drink. Refreshing with just the right kick of mint, you’ve got to love it, or you’ve got to love it.


Mutton meatballs : So our meal started with this and we couldn’t have asked for a better start. A good honey and soy glaze to the meatballs, served along with fresh yoghurt and cucumber, we love how the meatballs had a great bite to them.



Prawn skewers : Not being a huge prawn lover myself, I was impressed by these stone grilled prawns. They were cooked just right, maintaining the juiciness, and were served with fresh salad. The kaffir lime reduction was lovely.;~_NrQOx8vtGgIDsSuR2k~_2~_8cOF1KiKfcGqwZmwHFgXQhpMCNFLQUhDQJcXIXpE9YWCNkgQ9rPDgom1nkRWEibhTCgazAk~_cKufig3KK4ZeymKn0tMU~;PZAJ9Y7skRmBEWYBL5EDeACZEAI1VfU~;v9ZT58~-.bps.a.1049818335046654.1073742076.680509548644203/1049819138379907/?type=1&theater

Cottage cheese burger shorties : Had heard a lot about their shorties, and these sliders were served with smoked coleslaw and potato wedges. May have been a tad bit too sweet, but more or less filling and satisfying.


Mint and creole lamb : From the burgers selection, we happened to pick this one. Lamb patty cooked right, along with rosemary mayo and onion rings. The pickled cucumber added another dimension to the burger. As messy as it was, we loved every bite of it.;~_NrQOx8vtGgIDsSuR2k~_2~_8cOF1KiKfcGqwZmwHFgXQhpMCNFLQUhDQJcXIXpE9YWCNkgQ9rPDgom1nkRWEibhTCgazAk~_cKufig3KK4ZeymKn0tMU~;PZAJ9Y7skRmBEWYBL5EDeACZEAI1VfU~;v9ZT58~-.bps.a.1049818335046654.1073742076.680509548644203/1049819145046573/?type=1&theater


Mac and cheese : There’s not a lot of ways where you can go wrong with a basic mac and cheese. Served with chilli oil and garlic bread, it was pretty basic and nothing that would stand out too much.;~_NrQOx8vtGgIDsSuR2k~_2~_8cOF1KiKfcGqwZmwHFgXQhpMCNFLQUhDQJcXIXpE9YWCNkgQ9rPDgom1nkRWEibhTCgazAk~_cKufig3KK4ZeymKn0tMU~;PZAJ9Y7skRmBEWYBL5EDeACZEAI1VfU~;v9ZT58~-.bps.a.1049818335046654.1073742076.680509548644203/1049820018379819/?type=1&theater


Farm fresh risotto : What deserves a mention is that the risotto was cooked just right, and had the right bite to it. Fresh tomato concasse and farm fresh vegetables made for an impressive dish.;~_NrQOx8vtGgIDsSuR2k~_2~_8cOF1KiKfcGqwZmwHFgXQhpMCNFLQUhDQJcXIXpE9YWCNkgQ9rPDgom1nkRWEibhTCgazAk~_cKufig3KK4ZeymKn0tMU~;PZAJ9Y7skRmBEWYBL5EDeACZEAI1VfU~;v9ZT58~-.bps.a.1049818335046654.1073742076.680509548644203/1049819931713161/?type=1&theater


Bangers and mash : Frankly, a bit too salty for my liking. Traditional pork sausage along with a gravy of caramelized onions and potato, it would have been so much more better, had the extra salt not been there.


Buttermilk poached chicken : Chicken thigh poached in buttermilk and served with garlic potato mash, the chicken was extremely soft, thanks to the buttermilk, and we loved the flavors going on here. Deserves a try.;~_NrQOx8vtGgIDsSuR2k~_2~_8cOF1KiKfcGqwZmwHFgXQhpMCNFLQUhDQJcXIXpE9YWCNkgQ9rPDgom1nkRWEibhTCgazAk~_cKufig3KK4ZeymKn0tMU~;PZAJ9Y7skRmBEWYBL5EDeACZEAI1VfU~;v9ZT58~-.bps.a.1049818335046654.1073742076.680509548644203/1049820098379811/?type=1&theater

Creole Salmon : Well cooked salmon along with herbed mash and chilli vegetables, we would have loved the dish even more if the salmon had a bit more flavor to it. The accompaniments however were delicious, no denying that.



Red velvet cake : Honestly, they really need to take a bow for this particular dessert. Rich and dense, we absolutely loved our slice and were left craving for more. Not a lot of places do a red velvet that stands out, but Uzzuri has done full justice to it.;~_NrQOx8vtGgIDsSuR2k~_2~_8cOF1KiKfcGqwZmwHFgXQhpMCNFLQUhDQJcXIXpE9YWCNkgQ9rPDgom1nkRWEibhTCgazAk~_cKufig3KK4ZeymKn0tMU~;PZAJ9Y7skRmBEWYBL5EDeACZEAI1VfU~;v9ZT58~-.bps.a.1049818335046654.1073742076.680509548644203/1049819505046537/?type=1&theater

Carrot cake : Grainy and with the right kick of sweet and salt, this place also whips up a decent carrot cake.

Summed up for you, our experience at Uzzuri was one to remember. Some dishes may not have stood out that much, but more or less the journey was worthwhile. What deserves a mention is the attentive and knowledgeable staff, that’s quite an asset. Thumbs up!


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