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Tamra at Shangri-La's Eros Hotel

One of the top class hotels you can stay at in Delhi is Shangri-La’s hotel situated on Ashoka Road near Janpath. Amongst it’s first class service and luxurious experience, it also has a gastronomic experience waiting for you on it’s first level at Tamra.
Tamra, staying true to it’s name (Meaning: Copper) has various copper utensils hanging above the seating areas to add to the beauty it already is.

This 186 seater restaurant takes the culinary experience to the next level with it’s “World on your Platter” concept serving Indian, European, Japanese and Chinese food. They have live kitchens, 5 to be exact and a professional chef serving their local cuisine on them. One is for their dessers and 1 cocktail bar, which can be found in various pockets of the large dining hall.

Live Kitchens

Central Asia

They have Tandoor’s, each for Veg and Non-Veg delicacies grilling your favorite Chicken or Paneer to perfection and serving it to you with a freshness you just want to devour into!


The Japanese live kitchen, I can’t emphasize on this enough but they have a Sushi Bar! They.Have.A.Frigg**.Sushi.Bar!
Serving over 20 different kinds of Sushi’s you can have one made customized to your liking and savour the amazing authentic Japanese flavor in each one of them!

Serving all options- Veg, Chicken and Fish freshly cooked in front of you, definitely cooked to impress. Chicken and Fish dishes are cooked with wine and incinerated with old monk. You will definitely not want to move away from this counter until you watch the full preparation.


This counter has Chinese food all over! Yes, all you Thai and Chinese food lovers can head on here and have yourselves made some amazing dishes from this variety on it’s counter at one end of the hall.

Cocktail Bar

Serving the most amazing cocktails you could possible have, From Old Monk to LIITs, the bartender here is a pro making your favorite and some signature cocktails which you just cannot miss!

Dessert Bar

How can a meal be completed without some sweetness at the end? Yes the dessert bar caters to your sweet tooth with some delicious Ice Creams and Indian sweets for you to just jump into and then probably later regret for all the calories you might, no wait. you WILL take.



We tried delights from all over. From the Indian section, we had Dal Tadka and Grilled Paneer. The Dal was cooked to perfection with ample gravy. It had desi ghee floating above which could show how rich the dal was. On tasting it, I couldn’t find any excess of it as the proportions were just perfect! The paneer too was cooked well. It was coated with various spices and had grill marks but was soft and tender from the inside.

Noodles and Vegetables in Hot Garlic were delicious too! The Noodles although too bland alone mixed with the gravy tasted magnificent!


Lamb Chops– This meaty dish will not be just mouth watering but also a healthy grill option to satisfy your stomach. Being a delight to the eyes when it is prepared in front of you, it is a must have for you. Served with mash potatoes and vegetables it is completely a healthy option for you.

Mediterranean Corner- Now this is the zone where you might actually get tired of taking many servings. I would also call it non-vegetarian paradise- chicken salami, tenderloin, salmon along with chicken ham, gherkins and mustard potatoes will make your whole platter. You can have all of them in your plate with pita bread and hummus and asparagus & mushroom soup.


They had Crepes! Beautifully made fresh in front of you from the dough, you can customize it with various fruits and toppings and have it with Ice Cream and Crème Brulée. The Crepe was indeed fresh and Ice Cream was just so delicious we could not stop having it. The Ice Creams in general were in fact just marvellous! The flavors they had are not to be missed. I think the highlight Ice Cream was the Banana Caramel which was just superb!



Jaded Monkey– Old monk lovers have a different flavor to explore and plus a drink which you can make anytime at your own premises. Adding mango and pineapple juice along with the lime juice will definitely change the flavor of the dark rum for you. A bit tangy along with the healthy juices will give you high want.

Delhi Mule– a vodka based signature drink which is served in an amazing copper mug will blow your mind off with its flavors of ginger and almond syrup. This drink is mild in taste but heavy as you gulp in down. The best part of this drink is its mixed flavors which will always impress you.

Plum City– Another of their signature cocktail and plus a drink for our Old Monk lovers. Soak plums in old monk for a wee and you are ready to roll with this amazing cocktail at your home only. Juices kill the old monk flavor a bit, but once you dig in those plums you will be high on Old Monk.



Weekdays Lunch: Rs. 1,950++
Weekdays Dinner: Rs. 2,100++
Sundays Brunch: Rs. 2,750++

Tamra is just a really sweet deal where for such high quality authentic cuisines you are paying a really decent amount and enjoying the marvels of various food styles!

Stay tuned for our Video Review coming up 😉


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