Bhangarh Fort

The following article is merely a viewpoint of an enthusiast traveler and in no way intends to hurt any one’s feelings or counter argue another person’s views.

One of the deserted gates in the Bhangarh Fort

One of the deserted gates in the Bhangarh Fort

A spooky place indeed- Scared of Ghosts?

Bhangarh Fort is a must visit for all those people who believe in ghosts and for people who do not believe in ghosts. Confused? Let me explain. The fort might be beautiful in the day but it still has some negative vibes like someone wants to keep you there after darkness falls upon this fort and then kill you and eat your meat leaving around those remains which would never trace back to your identity. And hence, the world will call you “missing” or “disappeared”.

Now I have a question, why only after dark? Are ghosts sensitive to sunlight like vampires or they have some tanning problems like the human race? Hence the urge to look good and impress fellow ghosts!

What happens in Bhangarh stays in Bhangarh. After all, it is also cool place like Vegas. You know I was kidding right? Jokes apart, an article recently stated that some people actually died at the fort and I am pretty sure that the reason behind this was a panic attack or a heart attack. So that precisely means that a belief in ghosts can cause a cardiac arrest.

It is a beautiful place to spend your day, pack your food, click some amazing pictures and even climb the highest point of the fort. With friends or family, it can be a good weekend getaway for you.

This is how the fort looks during the night.

This is how the fort looks during the night.

Whether it is a haunted place or not, I am Unaware as I didn’t notice anything spooky when I visited. In case you notice anything creepy, do let me know and I would be glad to cover your story. Following are some of the details you will need to know about the place.

How to Reach

Car– It is only 220-250 Km from Delhi, depending on where you stay in Delhi. You can enjoy a smooth drive till Bhiwadi since after that a single road starts and you might have a little bumpy yet enjoyable drive. You can stop at Alwar as well and enjoy its boating at the lake.

Train– Take a train to Jaipur as Bhangarh is located on the outskirts of Jaipur. Then you can take a bus or a taxi to reach the famous fort.

Bus– There are direct buses which take you there from almost all parts of North India.

Preferable– drive down and enjoy the beauty of the road at your will.


No eating joints around. You might have to travel a lot to get good food. But you can get chips and soft drinks at the nearest shop.

Enjoy your journey to this amazing place, and we would be very glad to hear your story as well.

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