Jurassic World


“Jurassic World” is the latest piece of work by Steven Spielberg and definitely one of the most awaited release of 2015. I was also very excited to watch the movie after seeing the trailer with the Mosasaurus gulping a whole shark in a single bite. 

The Jurassic Park has been renamed as Jurassic World and the spectators once again have an opportunity to witness an era of the enigmatic existence of dinosaurs. This movie shows a growth of their species from 11 to 15 and the visitors had travelling options like Giant Hamster balls, Monorail, Boats etc. These additions show a huge leap the park has made in the course of modernisation. 

The movies starts with Zach Mitchell ( Nick Robinson ) and Gray Mitchell ( Ty Simpkins )
 heading to the Jurassic World where they are supposed to meet aunt Claire  ( Bruce Dallas Howard ). After arriving at the island they get to know that Claire is busy with Simon Masrani ( Irrfan Khan ) and can’t welcome them. The boys start their journey on the island under the guidance of their aunt’s assistant. 
 The journey becomes thrilling by the presence of Mosasaurus. But the other species like Velociraptors, Tyrannosaurus etc. are still there in the movie to entertain the 22000 people.

Meanwhile, a hybrid is created by the scientists- Indominus Rex after an extensive research throwing a lot of surprises in the movie.

 Owen Gaddy (Chris Patt) somehow manages to train four Raptors to follow his command but there comes a situation where the raptors show that they are not very loyal to him as well. Vic Hoskins (Vincent D’Onofrio) who is an In-gen security in charge wants to use this relationship of Owen Gaddy with the Raptors but Owen eventually refuses to do so.

The tourists were shown having a great time before the Indominus escapes captivity and becoming a threat to all the tourists. Running out of options, Masrani decides to go for a Kill. But Indominus was intelligent enough to get the amateur Pilot down with his chopper. Hoskins discovers an opportunity here and tries to convince Owen to use the trained Raptors to kill the Indominus. Whatever happens next should be explored in the movie and is sure to entertain you
The movie is not as gripping as it should be after all the new additions. But it surely deserves a one time watch.
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