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Pizza Express , India

Pizza Express is a London Based chain of restaurants serving great Pizzas since 1965. This is the
 second innings of Pizza Express in India and they have come up very stronglyafter a lot of preparation.

 The interiors are very calm and relaxing. They have succeeded in creating a peaceful ambience
 which is very much required in today's busy lifestyle. As soon as we entered I fell in love with the
 aroma of cheese which was very inviting. We were greeted very warmly by their team as well.
They had 2 menus- A summer special menu and a regular one. We ordered   two starters and
three pizzas.

 Bruschetta Piccante:-
This dish had three small round hand made breads with different toppings. Our particular choice of
 Bruschetta had mozzarella cheese and Jalapeños which was very fresh and tasted great. We would
recommend you to ask for some extra garlic butter as it can work as an excellent accompaniment. 


 The intro platter was a mix of salted nuts, broad beans, tangy & sweet peppadews stuffed with creamy
 mix of mushrooms and goat cheese. This can work as a good snack with a chilled Beer. They
 also have a stocked bar and a number of wines to choose from.


 American Hottest:- 
This pizza is a new version of american hot pizza mentioned in the summer menu. It had an addition
 of N'duja sausages, red chillies and buffalo mozzarella along with the regular Pepperoni and Jalapeños.
 The Pizza was a Romana style, which is actually a 14" thin crust pizza. The pizza was truly divine.
The pepperoni just melted in our mouth and  the N'duja sausages gave an extra flavour. We can say
 this is The Best Pizza Delhi serves. We loved Pepperoni Pizza at Olives and Amici also. But guys this one
 is a Killer and way above the counterparts.

 Podana Pizza:- Podana Pizza had goat cheese, Mozzarella, Spinach and caramelised onions as toppings.
WOW is the word. Superb Pizza again. While praising the flavours of the pizza we got to know that their Pizza sauce is imported from Italy and all Pizza Express outlets use the same sauce. It is made of a special tomato in Italy . This is the secret of the Pizzas here.
 Pollo ad Astra :- 
Another masterpiece. This chicken Pizza which was dominated by Peppadew Peppers, also had Cajun Spice and Red onions. The Peppadew Peppers gave this pizza the right flavour
 required to match the chicken slices.

 Dessert Platter-
The platter had a Cheese Cake, Chocolate Fudge cake and Tiramisu. 
The cheese cake was spectacular. The rich flavour and texture of Philadelphia cheese can not be missed easily. Perfectly baked. 
The Chocolate Fudge cake and Tiramisu acted as good team members to the platter
Caramel Mocha and Tropical were ordered as beverages.  They were also good.They serve great cappuccino as well.

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