Dil Dhadkne Do


With women empowerment and equality slogans stacked all over social media and other platforms, gone are the days of sorry films that reduced women to a single helpless bimbo motif, waiting to be rescued by that desi actor in shining armor whose mere existence is suppose to change her life. A whole new cinematic universe has taken over Bollywood’s stereotype transforming the content into something which is more diverse, outreached, ambitious and breaking free from the patriarchal system.

Dil Dhadkne Do is a marvel created on the traces of those lines because it is a fresh break from the generic movies that crowd theatres nowadays. The star cast is a highlight depicting the overly dysfunctional life behind glamour and celebration. Rich blokes also have problems!!!

The movie is made across a luxury theme of excessive wealth, banter and some useless shenanigans of course. The story traces the life of a richie rich family going through the usual family drama of deceit, controversy, politics, infidelity and selective culture of silence, all centered around the pivotal theme of maintaining a spotless “social image”.

There is an over celebrated marriage anniversary which takes the characters on a cruise to the middle east where all the drama actually takes place via ten days on the ship . The film deals with two loveless marriages and a few unlikely liaisons where everyone is plotting to make their ends meet by means of their contacts, their wealth and even their children. The story-line opens with the narration by a cutesy dog and Kamal Mehra (Anil Kapoor) trying to save his business by planning to fix his son’s (Ranveer Singh) marriage with a business tycoon’s daughter. But Kabir has his eyes and heart set on the dancer he meets on the cruise, Farah ( Anushka Sharma). Things don’t go as planned as they both fall for some one else who eventually spoil the expected arrangement made by the parents.

Parental pressure is already there on daughter Ayesha (Priyanka Chopra) who is pretending to be happy in her shitty marriage to keep her family and uptight husband secure. She is a smart career oriented woman and doesn’t want to remain under a shadow of a domineering husband! It takes her a while to snap back when she ultimately asks for a divorce as she realizes that keeping herself happy is more important than what society thinks. There are size-able doses of humor, drama, romance with a few peppy upbeat songs thrown here and there and a very gorgeous and elaborate wardrobe of the stars, that specially caught my personal attention.

The movie may be a bit too out of reality to imagine all that they show happened across ten days (hello! I would also like to fall in love in a week’s time please!), yet it has something for everyone to relate to in one element or the other.

Ultimately the movie is about choices; Choices of men and women and reclaiming the right that every individual has on their lives irrespective of their familial, financial or social associations. There is a perspective on the dynamics between the central characters and their equations with the others and how relationships change over time. The thin line between real love, control and self interest is the highlight of the movie.

Zoya Akhtar’s Dil Dhadakne Do is a riot of laughter, smirks, inhibitions and a gritty urban drama that has its idiosyncratic presence in the larger bollywood industry because it has the right bit of sugar and maybe more spice!

Rating 4/5


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