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Zu Tisch at GK1

Exploring the intricacies of authentic German Cuisine, Zu Tisch is a specialty restaurant devoted to the German food etiquette, which is a fresh break from the endless multi cuisine restaurants springing up in every corner.

They serve limited, serve authentic and serve goodness.


The restaurant is made across a single floor, good in size with diversified sitting. There is a decent bar on one corner and the interiors are mostly done up in neat woodwork. My favorite is this conspicuous wall mapping the popular German districts.
The interiors give off a very warm cozy and inviting feel. Music is just divine. The selection of tracks takes you down a memory lane with some beautiful English classics.

P.S – The washroom is specially very creative and interestingly made 😉


The servers are well acquainted with the menu and very efficient. Food is served in decent time.


Pulled Pork Sandwich

This is plain heavenly with juicy pork meat packed between perfectly baked herby bread. The flavours sang through every bite as I tried to devour every bit of the meaty wonder without letting a drop of buttery nectar go by.

Pork Ribs

Pork Ribs were another marvel lathered in a beautifully balanced barbeque sauce. The cook on the ribs was perfect and oh so tender!

Chicken Cordon Bleu

This was chicken stuffed with cheese and ham, smothered with some more cheesy dollops. Extremely flavorful and satiating.

Lamb Shanks

The Lamb Shacks were cooked wonderfully with super tender meat that was literally melting on the tongue. The accompanying sauce was well balanced and sat just delectably on the palate. I didn’t quite like the mash because it was flavored in mustard. Now that’s not a taste acquired and liked by many.

Garlic bread and fries were yum yum!


Cost/ person: Rs 1500

Will I visit again? Yes.

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