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Late Night Deliveries at Crave Busters, GK1

Yes, it is possible to have semi orgasmic near gourmet food delivered at your doorstep even at 4:00 am in the morning. Late night feasting just got more exciting and foolproof!
Crave Busters is pretty popular for their late night deliveries. What sets it apart from the twenty other midnight delivery joints is that they DO NOT compromise on food innovation and quality considering that they mostly run after hours.

FYI the menu is humongous!

I placed an order on a Friday night, well Saturday early morning at 4:00 am. Me and a bunch of my friends were immensely hungry and the menu seemed pretty elaborate considering we would have eaten anything at all. The order was taken very professionally and food arrived in 60 minutes in decent packaging and piping hot.

Pulled Pork Burger

It was a small wonder packed with a truckload of flavour and heavenly strands of juicy pork. Looked just as inviting as it tasted.

Crave busters special chicken burger

This burger consisted of grilled chicken breast which were surprisingly tender and so so delicious. Probably one of the best chicken burgers I have enjoyed in a long time. Explosion of flavours in my mouth.

Chicken Club Sandwich

The sandwich was moist with layers of chicken cheese egg and vegetables. It could use some seasoning and flavour. It was a bit of a mush but the taste was alright.

Chicken Peri Peri Sandwich was dry and bland. Avoid.

Chilli Chicken Basil Sandwich

This was a Delish. Now that’s something you should order. It’s huge in portion and tastes kickass.

Chicken Hot Dog is standard hot dog, great on flavours and composition.

Lamb Burger was wonderfully made with a thick delicious patty and scrumptious coleslaw. Yum!

Ferrero Rocher Shake is well, ummm, short of words on that one. I am salivating over it this moment.

Banoffie Pie is bloody brilliant, not what you expect of a late night delivery joint at all. Spot on flavours and presentation.

Blueberry Cheesecake is divine, silky and like a bomb of flavor on the palate.


Cost/ person : Rs 500- 700

Will I order again ? Hell yeah.

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