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California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen is a very renowned name when it comes to have real good pizzas. Every year from 21st May to 21st June, they have this “MEXIFORNIA” food festival in which  they present an  especially crafted  menu to their guests. So that they can enjoy some really amazing innovations  where Mexican cuisine is prepared with a twist with Californian touch. This time CPK has come up with a wide variety of options in comparison to the past years of this carnival.
Chef Dharamveer, has really done a commendable job, undoubtedly the credit goes to him.


Aloha : Very flavourful drink made by  combining the mango juice and peach syrup.
Apple jack : Again a very refreshing quencher having the  blend of apple and lime juice along with the strawberry hint.
Mango Tango: As the very name itself suggests that  it is a mango based drink along with blast of other citrus flavours too.
Watermelon Margarita: A tequila based  cocktail  infused with fresh water melon.
Pineapple and Passion Fruit Margarita : Again a tequila based cocktail with pineapple and passion fruit juice.

Each and every drink were very refreshing indeed and perfect for this scorching summer.

Starters, Main Course

Corn and Jalapeno Empanadas

It was a crescent shaped baked starter filled with sweet corn, Jalapeno and cheese. Indeed was a healthy option.

Crispy Tortilla Salad with Chicken

It was a hearty bowl of crispy tortilla tossed with lettuce and other veggies along with chicken in a tangy ranchito dressing. Indeed a delightful salad. Must try.

Crispy Tortilla Salad with Paneer

Exactly the same preparation as of the above mentioned salad except the chicken. Here it was a veg. Salad which was topped with crisp fried cottage cheese.

Mexican Veggie Pizza

A very nicely made thin crust pizza with black bean sauce spread on it and topped with veggies. Must say it was fabulous in terms of taste and texture.

New Mexico Pizza

Again a thin crust spicy  pizza with a tangy base of  in house made ranchito sauce topped with mozzarella cheese,spicy chicken Chipotle, onion and green chilli.

Mexican Habanero Pizza

It was a veg. Mexican pizza in which the crust was topped with in house made baja cottage cheese,mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and habanero chilli.

Chicken Asada Pizza

Simply amazing pizza, having a chilli sauce base topped with different peppers, chicken infused with cilantro pesto and Mexican chilli along with cheddar and fontina cheese. It was simply an outstanding pizza .

Fettuccini Heidi Pasta

A very well prepared fettuccini pasta in Mexican green chilli sauce tossed with green onion,garlic and peppers.

Cheesy Chimichurri Penne

Again a delectable creation, prepared in a creamy sauce with a dash of garlic, Chimichurri sauce combined with herbs. Again a highly recommended item of the menu.


California style Chimichanga

A stuffed deep fried crispy wrap served with shredded lettuce, sour cream and rosted tomato salsa. It was a veg . Chimichanga with the stuffing of Californian rice and variety of cheese.
It was on a milder tone in terms of taste.

New Mexico Basa Fish in Banana Leaf

A thumbs up creation of the carnival it was, in which the basa fish was marinated in baja sauce , wrapped in banana leaf to keep the flavours intact and then was baked. It was simple yet satisfying.
In the last we savoured the flavours of the sweet innovations by the Chef Dharamveer.

Mexican Caramel Banana Flan and Trio of Chocolate Mousse.

Both of them were fine but the one which won our hearts was Trio of Chocolate mousse where the three different layers of different chocolate mousse including white,milk and dark chocolate  were placed inside an edible crafted chocolate cup which was actually quite appealing and tasty too. Must must try for sure.

MEXIFORNIA festival will be there till 21 st June ONLY. So don’t miss it.

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