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Oh! Calcutta at Cyber Hub

Bhapa Sandesh

I have always loved exploring regional cuisines. As it is said that language changes every 100 kms in India, the same happens with the food as well. Bengali cuisine has been on my list from a long time and Oh! Calcutta is the first name that comes to my mind for the same. Serving a real authentic cuisine is actually a big deal and maintaining that to a level is certainly not an easy task at all. But they really know very well how to handle the cuisine and this is the reason that has made them one of the most awarded regional restaurant of India.
This is my first encounter with Oh! Calcutta in Delhi. Felt nostalgic as it used to be our regular hangout destination  in Mumbai and Pune.
They are serving a buffet here which is very well priced at Rs 650/- per head. We wanted to go for an Ala carte menu as I had some specific dishes already  in my mind to relish.

Fried Fish - Calcutta Style

Fried Fish – Calcutta Style

FRIED FISH ~ CALCUTTA STYLE  was the first starter. We were served two Bekti Fish slices which were deeply fried in batter giving a crispy crust. To my surprise the fish was perfectly fried and had no traces of extra oil with it. Kasundi was also served along with it which was giving a nice kick to the fresh flavor of the fish.

Next on the list was KOSHA MANGSHO, it was an extremely well prepared mutton dish in which the mutton was roasted with the traditional spices. The mutton was very soft in texture as it was cooked till the infusion of all flavors of the spices. They were served with Luchi’s, they are basically deep fried puffed bread.  Must say a perfect combination and I couldn’t ask for more. The succulent mutton chunks were enjoyed till the last bite of it.

This was followed by BEKTI MAACHER PATURI, which is actually steamed Bekti Fish, wrapped in Banana leaf,  marinated in mustard based marinade. It tasted exactly the way I expected it to be. The sharp hint of mustard was indeed a delight .The whole preparation was a delectable treat. We had it with steamed rice.

For desserts we were served CHALER PAYESH and BHAPA SANDESH. They were served complimentary by Mr. Bijoy (Assistant Manager). Both the dishes were Dates jaggery based. Bhapa Sandesh was good but Chaler Payesh worked as a perfect ending to our Bong journey. The rustic essence of Dates Jaggery was the highlight of Chaler Payesh.

Thanks to Mr.Bijoy once again for his hospitality!

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