Top 5 Ice Cream places in Delhi


Top 5 ice cream places in Delhi

I scream, you scream, we all scream for more and more Ice-Creams!!

This post aims to help the parents who might have been looking for places which can be a part of their daily itinerary for a few days now.

The advent of summer vacations can be marked with short trips to museums, adventure parks and many more places. Every trip usually ends with the cars stopping in front of Ice-Cream parlours or the humble Ice-Cream sellers from Kwality Walls and Cream Bell. Here is the list of 5 places, you must take your kids to on such trips. (Parents, please read carefully. 😛 )

Natural Ice Cream, Multiple Outlets

A relaxed ambiance unlike other ice-cream parlours. Ample seating space. Their success story has been shared on their walls. I am sure, your kids would leave the outlet beaming with energy and happiness.

Must-try: Tender Coconut, Mango, Kesar Pista

Kulfiano, Multiple Outlets

The offer a huge variety of the natural flavours. From stick kulfi’s to the ones served in little matka’s, they have everything. The famous Stuffed Mango Kulfi is actually a ripe mango which is stuffed with the regular rabri kulfi and frozen.The mango is then peeled and cut as per your order and served with a sugary syrup mixed with kewra. Very innovative.

Must-Try: Fruit Cream Kulfi and Stuffed Mango Kulfi

Nirula’s, Multiple Outlets

This has been my personal favourite since my childhood days.  I still visit their outlets frequently for a scoop of my favourite Black Forest ice-cream. Not to forget their famous Hot Chocolate Fudge with loads of nuts, chocolate syrup and chunks of chocolate. Also, the place has been kids-friendly ever since it was started.

Must-Try: Hot Chocolate Fudge, Black Forest.

Hokey-Pokey, Multiple Outlets.

They are known for their stone creations. Served in a waffle cup, these are similar to the frozen yoghurts served. You can choose from a variety of toppings displayed at the counter. From chocolate pieces to cookie crumbles, sprinklers, choco chips and marmalades. Every topping makes your stone sundae all the more interesting.

Must-Try: Verry Berry Stone Ice-Cream w/o the gummies(They are a bit too chewy).

Gianis, Multiple Outlets

The legendary Gianis cannot be missed when we ralk of ice-creams. They introduce new flavours every summer. This time, Tutti-Frutti Sundae deserves a special mention. With cubes of fresh fruits and scoops of ice-cream, the pink syrup (rose-flavoured) helps in giving out the refreshing after-effects of the ice-cream.

Must-Try: Tutti-Frutti, Gianis special

These frozen delights are certainly a boon on our lives.
Go and get some ice-creams people!!

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