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Hard Rock Cafe- Summer of the Legends

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This scorching heat has another counter attack now- Hard Rock Cafe with their ‘Summer of the Legends‘. Walk in style for an amazing menu spread across the summer season to cool down your head and drown you into the coolness of this place. HRC has finally changed their menu for the first time after years of serving us with their amazing classics.


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Obviously it has happened for the best and we HRC fans have are absolutely ready to embrace their summer menu. With this menu you will witness the Legends in association with Universal Music Group- one month jam packed with amazing performances on every Wednesday. 3rd June was the day for U2, and next coming 3 weeks will showcase Guns and Roses, Bob Marley and Nirvana respectively. These LIVE concert screenings will not just pump you with an adrenaline rush but let you escape Delhi’s heat.

3rd June experienced U2’s iconic Ireland at Slane Castle, followed by Guns N’ Roses Use Your Illusion Tour from Tokyo, Japan!. Bob Marley set the tone right with ‘The Legend Live’ concert,  and the month will end with what most people rate as one of the greatest music tours of all time; epic Unplugged session by Nirvana in New York.

Kiwi Mojito Malta Orange and Vanilla Mojito Strawberry Mojito

This concert season does not just end with music, but a splurge of cool drinks will make your evening perfect. A fresh fruit Mojitoprepared with White Rum, lime and shower of sugar, fresh mint and icy cold soda will make your summer evening. To add to the list, The over the top caramel & Pineapple- Bacardi Black Rum with freshly squeezed pineapple juice, showers of Caramel syrup, lime wedges and mint will make you go swirling! Not just these ones, you will have a variety of options to choose from- Strawberry and Kiwi being other flavors which you can enjoy with the great music.

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Red Hot Chili Fries


Hard Rock has always been famous for its food- so guys dig in for the international dishes from belly-dancing Lebanon to the hi-energy of New York. Red hot Chili Fries, (Cajun spiced fries topped with cheddar cheese sauce, sweet chili dizzle and tangy salsa), The near-mythical Soul Burger (grilled creole spice infused patty layered with pizza sauce, pepperoni and Swiss Cheese) or the Falafel Fiesta (crisp falafel ‘bullets’ , tangypickled vegetables, garlic mayonnaise and humus sauce).

HRC has a lot more to offer for almost every night; From Comic Con at the venue on June 6, Founder’s Day Celebrations on June 14 offering 100 burgers @ 45 INR/- only, but only for those who rush to HRC between 3-7pm. Live entertainment tribute nights, an exhilarating experience of fans of Hard Rock Cafe thus bringing out a fusion of rock, food, drinks and comics.

So HRC is celebrating this summers, why aren’t we??


Hard Rock Cafe

What: Summer of the Legends

Date: June 1 till July 5, 2015

Venue: Hard Rock Cafe, Saket & Gurgaon

Timings: 12 noon till 11 pm

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