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El Posto Revamped!

So this deserves a mention, yes it does. One of the very few places which offers real good food in East Delhi is back with a bang, and yes, we are loving this change. A satisfying lunch here has convinced us to give you a glimpse of what this change is all about, and suggest what you should try. With an addition of Chinese and a whole lot of salads, you just cannot go wrong here!


Virgin Mojito

Virgin Mojito

Virgin Mojito

Our meal couldn’t have started on a better note, than a burst of refreshing mint flavor. The mojito was done just right, chilled, and just with the right amount of sweetness. Thumbs up!

Italian Smooch

One of their signature drinks, this drink has a good ginger kick to it. Flavorful and interesting, give it a try!


Bruschetta Con Funghi

Crispy, overloaded with mushrooms and mozzarella! Sounds great already? Garlic bread with these toppings will definitely make you go gaga and keep asking for more.

Nachos with Kidney Beans and Cheese

We love how their nachos were freshly baked and topped with the amalgamation of just the right amount of cheese, kidney beans, and jalapenos.

Vegetable Spring Rolls

So Chinese being a whole new addition to the menu, we couldn’t help but try these. Spring rolls are indeed pretty basic, but what is important is to maintain the crispiness and have a flavorful filling, and we don’t seem to be complaining here!

Vegetable Dimsums

Tender and juicy from the inside, we loved the subtle filling of these.


Pasta Mint Salad

With an array of salads to choose from , we happened to pick this one. The highlight was the pineapples and the fresh dressing, but it could have been a little less on the sweetness quotient. All in all, it was still refreshing and had a good burst of flavor.


Cheesy Funghi Pasta

A perfect combination of Parmesan cheese sauce and mushrooms, our penne was well cooked and had a right amount of seasoning.

Mexican Veggie Delight

Wondering what this is all about? Fresh veggies, salsa sauce, tortilla chips and no cheese (you read that right), this pizza won our hearts over! We are definitely coming back for this.


Red Velvet Cake

All this while we have heard about the shining star of El Posto and despite being full, we still could not help but ask for a serving of this. Creamy, soft and delicious, you’ve got to come and try this.

Milk Chocolate Truffle Pastry

Dark chocolate truffle is found just everywhere, but not a lot of places do a good milk chocolate one. The flavors were balanced to perfection and it wasn’t too sweet for our taste buds either. A win-win situation!


A basic menu, satisfying food and good value for money should be a good reason for you to come and try this gem in East Delhi. Also the new additions take their approach to a whole new level.

Way to go Team El Posto!

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