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Lights ! Camera ! Aaaaaannddd Action !

A glamorous and a star struck journey! Isn’t it one of a kind? Our fashion gurus, first loves and favourite filmii sitaaree there on the walls with studio lights creating the celebrity charm for us is what pretty much sums up Light, Camera, Action.

Giving West Delhi a new landmark of awesomeness and competing with the biggest bars in Hauzkhas, we have Lights, Camera, Action in the race to make a name for itself. But with the theme they have chosen for their bar, I would say that the time is not far when people would refer to it as “Bas naam hi kaafi hai”! Leaving no stone unturned to live up to their name, this bar is surely a “lambi race ka ghoda”.

Focusing on West Delhi in this article, we have the Lead Role waiting for you which is FOOD!
They give every individual a Complimentary Sphere Shot which was basically lassi for us and it tasted really well. Well, everybody loves things which are complimentary, right?

Vegetarian Murgh was our first dish which was a tandoori Soya Chaap served in a jar filled with enigmatic smoke. The Rasam was served in a very cool way of recreating the coconut oil and it is a must try.
Andaz Apna Apna is the name of their Lebanese mezze platter which was really nice and one of the best you would taste in West Delhi for sure. A name which reminds you of the amazing duo of Salman and Amir can never disappoint.


Rajma Chawal

Mogambo was a grilled chicken breast served with sautéed mushrooms, spicy harissa, cheese and lettuce. It truly made us go like, “Mogambo Khush Hua”!
Jumping to the main course, we had Bachan Sahabke ke Rajma Chawal which was a makhani version of our favorite rajma with basmati rice. The dish was really well done and is a must have.
The Dabang pizza was made from a parantha which is a really nice fusion of Italian and North Indian. This pizza’s dabang style and concept won our hearts.
So, if you are searching for something different and entertaining and totally filmy, then this is the place you should run to! From their menu to the extremely unique names they have given to their dishes and their serving style, everything will make you a fan of this place.
For all the Delhiites, it’s time to book the balcony seat of this bar as it is going to be a houseful super hit in no time!


Hmm founder Nikhil Chawla with Co-owner of Lights camera Action Varun Puri


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    Dear Mr. Chawla

    Greetings from lights camera action – air bar , we are very thankful for your valuable and imortant feedback. Appreciate it dearly. We are so glad that you enjoyed your visit to #lca . The description that you have given is very intreseting and informative. I am sure our guests would make a note of that and experience a fine set of culinary journey with us. Once again a heartfelt thankyou to you and your team for condidering us and appreciating the brand.

    Looking forward to see you soon for more #food delight.

    Thank you
    shruti pawar
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