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Rustom's Parsi Bhonu

Nariyal Na Dudh Ma Cauliflower

Parsi Cuisine is known for the eclectic mix of sweet and spice. Only a handful of restaurants in Delhi which serve Parsi food. Due to the major transformations in the world cuisines, we have shifted our inclination towards Italian, American and Mexican food but places like Rustom’s help us in re-modelling our choices.

Spread across two floors, Rustam’s have done a great job in terms of the flavours and the decor. The ground floor is where all the sizzling and toasting happens. A narrow wooden staircase leads you to a seating area with precisely five tables and about 15 chairs. Not much seating available. Cutlery with floral patterns work well with the cosy ambiance created with all the wooden furniture.


French Beans Na Pattice

French Beans Na Pattice

French Beans Na Pattice
Finely chopped beans cooked in a tamarind sauce topped with some shredded coconuts form the filling for the potato based pattice. We ordered the eggless version of the starter.



Nariyal Na Dudh Ma Cauliflower
A fairly good portion of the Cauliflower curry was served with the Malai Na Parantha that we ordered. Cooked in coconut milk, the dish was sweet because of the caramalized onions. Minimal ingredients but great taste.

Parsi Saria
Two versions of the sabudana papads were served, the regular ones and the ones with tomatoes.


Pallonji’s Raspberry Soda is a little sweet though but definitely better than the raspberry iced tea.




The kulfi was recommended to us by one of the servers. It is made at the Parsi Dairy Farm in Mumbai. The texture was smooth and creamy.

We paid 1200 bucks for the entire meal. I am surely going to go back to try their Non-Vegetarian dishes soon. Till then, Happy Eating!

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