Triund- The Holy Trek

First thing that comes to my mind is: 10 Km worth climbing for a “One Night Stand with the Himalyas”. This trek will kill you if you are a beginner, but enthusiasm of people alongside with your vision on the top will keep you going.

It is one of the best places to go for when you visit Mcleodganj, in case you are pretty adventurous. The Trek has all types of paths, simple and plain followed by a little steep and rocky and sometimes the path will be steep and you will have to climb through the stones to reach to the top.

The worst part of the complete trek is that hardly anything is available online about this trek, which makes this article a very exclusive firsthand experience penned down for everyone.

What to Wear

  1. Shoes– Must have, and it will be great if you can choose a pair of shoes with hard sole. Adidas and Reebok have great trekking shoes, you can chose from them.
  2. Socks– Do wear good quality socks, you definitely would not want your feet to stink. Try Reebok sports socks, they are great.
  3. Lower– Do wear comfortable lowers (full, half or ¾) depending on your comfort level. But they should be comfortable enough to help you walk throughout the journey.
  4. T-shirt– Definitely a t-shirt which is very light. During the summer time, even if it is cold, wear nothing except just a t-shirt since your body will already have a lot of heat during the trek.
  5. Sunglasses– In case you want good pictures, they are must but they would hardly make any difference, as the rays would not blind you at all.

What all to Carry

  1. Backpack– Anything you want to carry, it has to be carried in a pack pack. And make sure the bag is light enough so that you are not burdened with the weight of the bag only. It should be spacious as well, at least enough to carry a pair of shoes.
  2. Water– Now this is the main catch, there is no water uphill, and for whatever purpose you want water, you have to carry it. Or you can buy a bottle of water for 50 bucks on your way or uphill.
  3. Toilet Paper and Paper Soap– Do I need to explain the purpose? If Yes, then take it to save some water.
  4. Sipper Water Bottle– I would say it is a must if you want to keep going, so that you can drink some water while even walking and water in small quantities at regular intervals will keep you hydrated.
  5. Warm clothes– Temperature dips down to as low as 5 deg even in June, after all you are spending a night with Himalyas.
  6. Towel– In case you think you will need it to even wipe your face or something, carry it then. But you will never be taking bath over there.
  7. Food– Do carry some food packets if you want to save money during your trek. Else you have shops during the trek where you can buy something to eat like soft drinks, biscuits etc.

Food and Water

Small shops have a standard menu (prices ranging from Rs 20-50) throughout the trek like:

  1. Tea/Coffee
  2. Bread omelet
  3. Cheese Toast
  4. Maggi

Water bottle for Rs 50, and other soft drinks and juices would also be available.

And on the top of the hill, you can have dal chawal for dinner which you would feel is a luxury food.

Other details

  1. Do travel with someone who has some experience about trekking, it would be encouraging and supporting
  2. Scenic beauty is amazing, while you fall in love with the beauty, don’t forget to keep your feet on the right place else you will fall down.

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