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Guppy By ai – Summer menu

Salmon Tartar

Are you looking for something you have never seen before? Let us take you to the world of Guppy By Ai!

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We have all seen those Japanese cartoons popularly known as “Anime” like Dragon Ball Z, Doraemon, Shinchan and so many more. Some of you might also be familiar to the concept of “Origami” which is a Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figure. Now imagine those Dragon Ball Z characters on the walls of a restaurant with beautiful origami creations hanging from the ceiling. Isn’t that weirdly amazing? The interiors of Guppy By Ai have a touch of both modern and traditional Japanese culture. It is Loud! It’s in your Face! And you will Love it!


The Staff of the restaurant is very courteous and helps you by suggesting dishes according to your taste. We had requested not to have shell fish in our food and they were kind enough to modify some of the dishes according to our eating preferences.



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Special Drinks have been created by the restaurant to go along with the Hanami food festivals. Aurum: It was a mixture of a Korean alcohol Soju and Bacardi Jamaican Passion. A garnishing of a golden leaf added a class to the overall look of the drink. A fruity taste with a soft kick, this drink was a total delight.

Beer Cocktail: It’s summer and how can you not have a cocktail which is made of Beer. Beer cocktail with flavors of watermelon is just the perfect drink to enjoy in Delhi’s weather.

Food Talk!



We started off with Sakura which is a soup made from smoked pumpkin. The soup was thick and crisp pumpkin seeds were added to it.



Assorted Tempura vegetable

Assorted Tempura vegetables were served next which are a vegetarian’s delight. They had a perfect crunch and the taste of vegetables was just divine. Every bite tasted different because of the different vegetables and their texture.

Salmon Tartar

Salmon Tartar

Salmon Tartar was served on the table and our reaction? We kept staring at it for a long time before digging into it. The presentation was yummilicious! Finely cut thin cucumber slices with Tuna, fresh avocado and tobiko.

Cold smoked Kamachi Sashimi

Cold smoked Kamachi Sashimi


Cold smoked Kamachi Sashimi which had a yellowtail was served smokin with sakura woods, yuzy khasho and soy sauce. The way the Japanese eat their fish converses all the nutritional value.


Futomaki Sushi rolls.


A Japanese meal is never complete with their Sushi. So next on the table were the beautiful Futomaki Sushi rolls. As soon as you take a bite, you experience an explosion of flavors in the mouth.



Eel was something exciting for us. Eel is basically an elongated fish which was served with egg on a bed of burdock root and seasonal grilled vegetables.



Hiyashi Somen


Hiyashi Somen which is a cold Japanese Angel glass noodles was served on a bed of ice certainly dropping the mercury by few degrees.



Parchment baked market fish

Parchment baked market fish was a dish in which the fish was baked in a parcel with a dash of butter and seasonal veggies with very mild seasoning and was served with a house made yuzu sake glaze. It was like a real treat to the taste buds.



Chicken and exotic vegetable curry rice

Last on the savory was Chicken and exotic vegetable curry rice. This is actually a vegetarian dish which was converted into a non-vegetarian one.



Macha pudding

And last but not the least was the desert! Needless to say it was the most awaited item as well.
Macha pudding: It was a green tea based pudding and was served with house made toffee sauce. It was garnished with spring flowers which added a spring feel to the dish. Green tea combined with a sweet salty sauce was also a perfect combination and a very creative one.

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