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Bombay Velvet Review 3.5/5





Note to readers : This review doesn’t aim to be about 100 crore clubs, Anushka Sharma’s lips, disappointment of critics ,or expectations and controversies surrounding this particular movie. The main intent is only, and only to highlight the plot, the star cast, music and most importantly the wonderful acting by each of the actors. It is essential to get rid of the pre- conceived notions and to watch it for yourself in order to understand what the much awaited Bombay Velvet is all about.

Set in the 1960s in Bombay, which at that point of time is particularly influenced by insensitive deals, gangsters and influential men with a cigarette always in their hands, the focus is on Johnny Balraj ( Ranbir Kapoor) who lives on streets but is ambitious to the extent that he desperately wants to become a big shot, come what may. After a brief encounter with the ruthless Kaizad Khambata ( Karan Johar) , his life takes a turn and he suddenly manages the club Bombay Velvet, and the love of his life , a Jazz singer, Rosie ( Anushka Sharma) performs there.

Shortcuts are definitely not indications of long term happiness, and in this city of greed and nightmares, life does take a rough course after momentary happiness. A glowing cinematography and a classy sense of style, this movie is an amalgamation of some of the finest actors in the industry today. Ranbir Kapoor is impressive as always, his style of talking and that grin on his face will stay with you for long. Anushka Sharma portrays evoking sadness and has done justice to Rosie, with just the right kind of emotions required. The sudden transitions from sadness to humour are indeed convincing, and well thought of. The first half is slow and maybe a bit boring at some points, while the second half is comparatively faster and convincing.

The kind of story telling that this movie depicts may be a bit clichéd , but that doesn’t change the standing out of every character. Karan Johar has proven that he really can move beyond direction and  depiction of larger than life rich families ,and Khambata is wicked and classy. Symbolism at crucial points in the movie is something that stands out, like the way Johnny particularly  fights with  ‘’Japani’’ in the end, someone that he could otherwise never beat. Also at the point when he kills Khambata at the end, just the way he was taught by him. At some points you might  feel that there is just a lot going on, and it isn’t as impactful as it ought to be. The fabric may have been required to be a bit more smooth in terms of the emotional aspect, but nevertheless it isn’t as disappointing. Kay Kay Menon and Vivaan Shah have done justice to their roles as the police officer and the driver respectively. The direction at a point of time will definitely make you realize that Anurag Kashyap’s direction and portrayal really work on a different tangent altogether. The music is well suited to the scenes, and Amit Trivedi, the genius that he is, has created  perfect songs such as ‘’Sylvia’’ and ‘’Mohabbat buri bimaari’’. So you go ahead and watch this movie once. Not because of what others say or what the expectations have been like, but only because, like every Friday throws a set of different options for you, this one

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