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Neung Roi: Thai Nirvana!

Running for over a decade in Radisson has proven its food to food critics , foodies and patrons. This restaurant, which can accommodate 60-70 guest also has private dining available. The staff is well informed about the menu and dishes and suggests the food according to your tasting preference. Food from different parts of Thailand can have a variety of tastes which can be from sharp hotness to milky flavors of coconut. A lot of research has been done before setting up the Menu and the only change which has been made was to make few of the dishes vegetarian.

Thai food has health benefits due to the herbs which are used in it’s making. It’s all about the smell, texture and color which should all appeal in a very warmth manner. We tried food from all the regions of Thailand. The Executive chef Yenjai Suthiwaja I must say is the most determined and passionate lady chef that we have ever came across. The food reflected her attitude and which made it stand out! Soon after opening the menu you will realize that Thai food is beyond Green Curry and Red Curry.

We started off with a Strawberry based starter drink which had crushed ginger in it. It was very refreshing!

Starters, Salads & Soups

Tom Kha Pak (Coconut Milk Soup), Needless to say this was made to the highest perfection! Coconut lovers, this is the soup to order!

Gai Tom Kamin (Chicken Soup), is one of the best Chicken soups you can have! Tasty, delicious and full of flavors!

The Yam Som-O was Pomelo Salad which was amazing ! It was filled with fresh ingredients leaving our mouths watering! Crispy onion, Garlic & Palm Sugar Tamarind dressing I think for someone on a diet, this would be a perfect salad to order! It had all the tastes! Sweet, Spicy, Sour. Everything!

The first dish was Tohu Song Khurg with Tofu and Betel but lead in a pandanus cup with tamarind palm sugar and roast coconut (Vegetarian). The different texture and aroma captures the unique essence of this dish. Then came in some protein dish Moo Thod Katiem after eating this dish it came in my top 5 pork belly dishes which is a very exclusive and elite list. Minimum seasoning and maximum flavoring with a crunchy texture. They say the true taste of the culture comes from the street food of a particular region so went for something basic , a popular street food in Thailand. Kai Jiew Gai Sab Thai omelet with chicken, shallot, sweet basil and tomato. A simple dish with impeccable taste.

Thod Man Pla fish cake with long beans served with cucumber relish and this probably is the best fish cake you would taste in India. Perfectly made and soft texture with freshness of beans which flirts with your taste buds.

Main Course

Phad Kee Maow Tohu was tofu & vegetables with hot basil, chilli & dark soya sauce. It was quite well prepared by the chef which mixed with rice and noodles was good! Next was the Gaeng Bpa Ped which is a Jungle Duck Curry made with raw papaya, baby corn, pea eggplant, long bean & hot basil. The duck was delicious! Tenderly cooked and blasting with flavors!

Phad Thai Gai, like any other Phad Thai noodles, this is one of those classics you’ll find in almost every Thai Restaurant. The preparation here was much better than the others though. Mee Spam which was Stir Fried Egg Noodles were most tastiest Noodles we had ever had!

Massaman Kea which was Lamb curry with potato, onion & peanut was also quite lovely! Pla Sam Rod was crisp fried fish was fresh and made with 3 different sauces which gave it such a appealing taste! One of the most lovable dishes up their sleeves!



Tub Tim Krob was one of the coolest desserts here! It’s a rice dumpling with a coconut dressing for you to put! Kanom Mor Gaeng Tuea was their yellow bean custard based dessert. It wasn’t very different but good enough to leave a appealing taste.

Khao Niew Mamuang was Sticky rice with fresh mango & coconut cream. Unfortunately Mango season wasn’t here so the Mangoes weren’t well, sweet. Otherwise I can imagine this dessert would be loved by all!


Overall it was an amazing experience and we recommend everyone to give it a go as this is THE Thai restaurant to dine at!

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