Top 5 places to have a guilt free meal!

So are you a glutton who worries about calories but can’t stop eating?
Are you a complete gym freak who refuses to eat junk because of those serious hours spent on those abs and muscles?

Well we have the perfect little list of the Top Five places around you that serve stupendous delicious spoofs of your favorite gluttonous yummy dishes sans the high calories and fat.


Pita Pit

Revamping the whole salad culture, Pita Pit takes healthy eating to another level of freshness and innovation.
Must Try:

  • Salads that include Lebanese dressings, nuts, vegetables , sprouts, feta and an array of other exotic add one and sauces.
  • Pita wraps that come in wheat and whole wheat variety
  • Fresh juices

Health Box ( GK 2 )

Limited menu serving tasteful and low calorie food. Home delivery is brilliant and timely.
Must Try:

  • Steamed Fish in Thai Sauce
  • Chef’s Special Shish Touk
  • Organic Red Poha with Mint

Nutritious Nation ( GK2 )

The perfect hotspot for the gym freaks who count every calorie and nutrition intake, NN is all about healthy and flavorful eating.
Must try:

  • Lamb burger
  • Grilled Chicken Fuel Meal
  • Cajun spiced chicken salad

Lean Chef ( GK2 )

The menu is surprisingly huge and they serve most favourite crowd pleaser dishes minus the fatty content.
Must try:

  • Saucy, Cheese Less pizzas( #word is you won’t miss the cheese )
  • Flatbreads
  • Rice dim sums
  • Clay pot meals
  • Desserts. yes desserts!
    • Chocolate Mousse
    • Blueberry no Cheesecake
    • Low Fat Banoffie Pie and Muffins

They are all under a calorie check and bloody delicious.


Crostini Nutri Co ( Green Park )

Wholewheat pastas, wholewheat pizzas, wholewheat wraps and nutritious salads. This outlet is all about healthy eating options in every sense. Eat your favourite dishes but eat them right.
Must try:

  • Chicken pita pocket
  • Berry blast smoothie
  • Grilled fish
  • Greek pizza


Go binge, don’t think. Let’s do some smart eating!

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