5 Challenges Faced by Food Bloggers!

The growth of blogging in the last decade has certainly coincided with the advent of global food habits in India which inturn facilitated the emergence of Food Blogging. Too technical to handle? Well, we do think in all directions and tangents, food being our favourite. For some people we might be a group of people who look forward to free invites from impressive restaurants but for us we are a bunch of fanatics who love food, devour every bit of bit and do not mind spending a few grands every month in search of good food. Along with the perks that food blogging has to offer, we end up facing a few challenges as well. Some of them are listed below.


1) The inspirational weight loss quotes that won’t work

After reviewing 2-3 places in a week, we coax ourselves to take that flight of stairs instead of the lift. We push ourselves to buy baked chips instead of the fried ones. The glass of chocolate milkshake is replaced by a glass of lime water sans sugar. Even then we put on a few ounces every now and then. Phew! It’s a tough job.

2) Water-the essence of life

Yes, we do get to taste most of the dishes on the menu but towards the end it results in a bloated food blogger who is unable to walk for a few minutes after the tasting. That’s because we drink a lot of water between the dishes to neutralise the pallette.

3) Evaluation & Judgement

Eating is a lot more easier. When it comes down to writing a review, the names of the dishes are forgotten. Things become vague and the human in you starts to argue with the food blogger in you. We do try to keep it short and simple but end up writing a lot more.

4) Photography

As soon as the dish is served, numerous DSLR’s and smart phones with flashing lights can be seen all around just to get that perfect shot.Not to forget, our smart phones’ memory is over-flooded with pictures of the amazing food we have.

5) Social Online

Our phones can never be switched off. We are a lot of socially active people who operate on all social platforms which concludes that we get a lot of notifications every hour. Hence, we are always seen with our phones which might just piss off the person sitting next us but work comes first.

We love food, we love what we do and it has taken us a lot of time to reach where we are and will definitely take a few years to reach the top of the stack. The passion lies here! 🙂

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