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Wendy's India First outlet

Wendy’s India

The famous American fast food chain Wendy’s finally paves it’s way to Delhi, India! Yes you heard it right folks! In Sector 29, Leisure Valley, Gurgaon you will find this international restaurant selling it’s famous burgers and amazing drinks to the Humans of NCR and beyond!

Wendy's Logo



Wendy’s was founded by Dave Thomas on November 15, 1969, in Columbus, Ohio, United States.
As of March, 1999, Wendy’s was the third largest hamburger food chain coming in close after McDonald’s and Burger King. It currently has over 6,500 outlets and employs over 78,000 in soon to be 31 countries!

The first Wendy’s was opened in Columbus, Ohio on 15th November 1969 serving “Old Fashioned Burgers”.

It’s total assets in 2006 were $9.45 billion. Which is approximately  Rs.60 billion!

 Wendy’s India -Ambiance & Service

Timings: All days, 10AM to 11PM

The place is beautifully decorated with space for about 70-80 people who can peacefully dine. The latest English hits of Imagine Dragons and other popular artists will be played in the background. There will be servers around to guide you and clean the tables and you’ll literally find the place spotless as they are very swift and efficient in their tasks!

How to Order at Wendy’s India



It’s pretty straight forward actually.

  • You’ll go inside and you’ll find yourself infront of a counter. You can go ahead and sit on the table with a pamphlet menu and decide on your order, or you can straight up place your order and go to your table.
  • After placing your order, you’ll be handed your bill and a number and you can take it to your table and wait for about 2-3 minutes while waiting for your order
  • In literally no time, you’ll find a server on your table with the delicious burgers and drinks for you to enjoy!

What to Order

Team Hmm! had all the items on the menu and recommends the following:

Vegetarian Variety

  • Spicy Aloo Crunch
    This burger will leave you breathless! The perfect burger to order if you like simple burgers with a delicious crunchy patty!
  • Paneer Salsa
    This is one of the unique burgers you’ll probably not find anywhere else. The filling is of Paneer mixed with various spices leaving you with a taste never experienced before! Spicy, A little tangy and just scrumptious!

The Chicken Variety

  • Ghost Chilli
    This burger is one of the hotter ones on the menu. Truly spicy and the chicken patty is just filled with love from Wendy’s. Order if you like spicy things!
  • Classic Chicken
    Every burger joint needs a Chicken burger which will be the ultimate of them all, yet no very expensive. This is that burger!
  • Smoky Chipotle
    The crispy chicken filled with veggies and lettuce this smoked chicken burger, also spicy but the combination of the two will leave your taste-buds dancing!

The Mutton and Bacon Varieties

  • Baconator & Double Baconator
    The bacon here was crisp, as fresh as you can imagine and just wonderful in every bite! Talk about gastronomic experiences. These two burgers were the best liked burgers from the NonVeg section and if you don’t have a problem with bacon, these should be your go to burgers!
  • Greek Mutton
    The Greek Mutton is also a must have and will surely win your heart with it’s unique flavors!

Drinks & Desserts

  • Lychee Delight & Watermelon Cooler
    These refreshing drinks are a must have for all you Mocktail fans! The unique blend of the two fruits in their respective drinks will leave you refueled with energy. Perfect complements to the burgers!
  • Hazelnut Latte
    Coffee Lover? Well Wendy’s has got you covered. This hazelnut coffee Latte is just one of the best one’s we had for this price in a fast food chain. They served it without sugar and you can actually taste the fresh flavors of Hazelnut and coffee!
  • Banana & Caramel Frosty Cup
    A good meal sure consists of a sweet-dish at the end. This is the one you’re looking for. Seriously! The banana caramel was just amazing and the entire team loved it!

In Conclusion

We can see a bright future ahead for Wendy’s! The first outlet, even though opened in a corner of the capital, it is going to grow and you’re going to love it!

Future of Wendy’s

Yes! there are more outlets planned! At least if all goes well! Every future outlet planned will have their own unique ambiance and architecture. They have a vision to open 10-15 outlets in their first working year!

This is a big feat for Mr Sanjay Chhabra (Director, Wendy’s India) and Mr Jasper Reid (Founder of IMM, Director, Wendy’s India) who are overlooking Wendy’s.

Here is what Wendy’s has to say on some important questions posed:-

Why Sector 29?

We love Sector 29! It’s one of the bustling markets in Gurgaon and we felt it was a good place to launch the brand. We’re all about personalized local restaurants and Sector 29 is one of our favorites with very discriminating customers who will help us improve our offering.

How are your drinks different?

We’re more like a café than a regular fast food joint. We have a really big range of hot and cold drinks. In our coffee we use 100% Arabica beans in our coffee  and you can add vanilla or hazelnut shots. In our cold drinks range we have fruit ales made with Monin natural flavours including lychee, cucumber and watermelon. And of course we have all the great Coke line up (and you can even have cherry or vanilla shots in your Coke)

Why are your burgers square?

Because Dave Thomas figured out this was the best way to cook them! It also reminded him of a favorite restaurant when he was growing up. In India, we’re the first Wendy’s market to do square patties…AND, square buns. We also insist that the patty is the same size (or only a teeny bit less) than the bun because it’s too disappointing to have big buns that disguise a small patty! All in all, we don’t cut corners.

Fun Fact

Did you know the logo of Wendy’s has a hidden meaning? If you look closely at the logo under her chin, you’ll notice the collar reads as “Mom”


Wendy’s wants to give you an idea that the food it serves is like your home cooked meal made by your mom. Delicious and fresh!

They say it was unintentional, but well eating here at Wendy’s, It sure does seem fresh and as if it was made with all the love they could muster!


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