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Top 10 Dishes you Must Try: Lucknow Edition

Kabooli Rice

Lucknow is very popularly known as the  “City of Nawabs” because of its rich inherited culture and the legacy of the rich cuisine they serve it till now. The food belongs to very much Awadhi flavours in combination with Mughlai goodness. So here are the few shortlisted delicacies which one must try on their visit to Lucknow.



They are the top items in the list of must try. Kebabs of various types like:-

  • Tundey kebab
  • Boti kebab
  • Galawati / Galouti kebabs are extremely demanded ones.

Tundey Kebabi are the ones who really does them really awesomely. Highly recommended.

Luckhnawi Chaat


This is the one dish which stands out in the category of evening snacks. The following varieties are the top ones.

  • Aloo Tikki
  • Tokri Chaat
  • Mattar Tikki

Place to eat: Royal Cafe, Sharma Chaat Corner & Jain Chaat Bhandar.

Paya ki Nihari


It is a slow cooked stew of mutton which is  prepared 7 to 8 hours before serving. It is mostly eaten during the morning time as a breakfast item along with kulchas.
Place to eat: Raheem Hotel does a good job in this case.

Rogan Josh

Rogan Ghosh

Rogan Josh

It is prepared a bit differently in comparison to the Rogan Josh at any other place.  The secret is the combination of spices used in the preparation.
Place to eat: The Mughal’s Dastarkhwan serves one of the best Rogan josh.

Luckhnawi Paan


Luckhnawi Paan

Any meal of the Nawabs were incomplete without the paan in the end and the legacy is still in existence.

Place to eat: Malhotra at SBI Hazratganj is the best place to have it.




It is a sweet bread made of Maida, sweetened milk and kesar eaten with any spicy gravy or stew.
Place to eat: Tundey Kababi one of the option to try them.


Luckhnawi Biryani

Luckhnawi Biryani

It is one of the highly recommended item of the list of must haves in Lucknow. Prepared with the secret spices never fails to win ones heart. Chicken and mutton biryani both are highly in demand.
Place to eat: Wahid Biryani, Idris Biryani are the famous destinations to try them.

Pani & Dahi Batashe , Dahi Bhalle


Batashe, Dahi Bhalle

They are the Gol Gappas basically but are called locally as Batashe . An extremely popular snack for the Luckhnowites.
Explosion of flavours in the mouth refreshes ones mind after having them.
Place to eat: Royal Cafe, Radhey are the good options to try them.

Kulfi Falooda

Kulfi Falooda

Kulfi Falooda

It is a frozen delight served with lot of faloodas. It is relished by the people irrespective of the season. Place to eat: Chanakya, Prakash Kulfi are the renowned options.

Malai ki Gilori

Malai ki Gilori

Malai ki Gilori

If you have a sweet tooth then this item is not at all supposed to be missed. An extremely soft, rich, tender sweet delicacy it is.
Place to eat: Ram Asrey & Radhey are the places where one can try them.


Picture credits: Wikipedia, Google,  Flickr, Zomato, Yummraj

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